1988 - 1989

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Date Passed by Faculty Senate

Committee of Origin

Date Approved

Recommendation Summary

5/4/88Athletic 1/26/89 A motion was introduced that the committee accept and approve the budget as recommended by the subcommittee.
1/17/89Executive 1/31/89 The Registrar's Office shall institute a form similar to the one used by the Student Center for booking the Eighth Floor of Smith Hall, including a statement that the sponsoring group is responsible for cleaning up after use.
1/17/89Executive 1/31/89 A liaison Senator shall be added to the University Calendar Committee.
1/17/89Executive 1/31/89 It is recommended that the report of the Committee to Study Student Fees be reviewed and commented upon by the Senate before it goes to the President for final approval.
12/9/88Faculty Personnel 1/11/89 FPC members reviewed all sabbatical leave requests for the academic year 1989-1990.
1/26/89Faculty Senate 1/31/89 Approves suggestion A only from page 3 of the President's letter concerning summer school.
1/26/89Faculty Senate 1/31/89 The original Summer School Committee shall be reconstituted, and they shall begin the process of discussion on the disapproved motion.
1/26/89Faculty Senate 1/31/89 The disapproved motion about the Parthenon adviser shall be returned to the Publication Committee for reworking.
1/26/89Faculty Senate 1/31/89 The Faculty Senate accepts the report of the Committee to Study Student Fees.
11/14/88Graduate 1/26/89 Graduate Student Policies: On transfer students; letter grade interpretation; transient student; and repeating courses.
11/14/88Graduate 1/26/89 Review of applications for Graduate Faculty Membership.
11/14/88Graduate 1/26/89 The date for submission of recertification for Graduate Faculty membership to the Graduate Committee is April 1, 1989. This is required for anyone wanting full graduate faculty status who has not been approved under the new guidelines and anyone requiring associate status who has not been approved in the last two years.
11/28/88Graduate 1/26/89 Changes in the Master of Science graduate program in the Department of Family and Community Health, School of Medicine.
11/28/88Graduate 1/26/89 To accept the course description for CHM 520, Fundamentals of Chemistry.
11/28/88Graduate 1/26/89 Graduate Course Approvals: CI628, CR 652, AE 650, THE 520, THE 521, THE 523, and HST 506.
11/30/88PFPC 1/26/89 It was approved that a request be made to the City of Huntington to pave 2 1/2 alley from Hal Greer Blvd. to 18th Street.
12/10/89ASCR 2/14/89 Approved to amend the October 28, 1988 minutes of ASCR.
12/10/89ASCR 2/24/89 Approved to accept the recommendation of the Curriculum Sub-committee.
2/6/89Athletic 2/24/89 To adopt the following Budget Calendar for 1989-90.
1/27/89FPC 2/24/89 Recommend to the President that either he, or the Provost, develop a procedure to evaluate administrators and return that evaluative tool in draft form for approval/disapproval.
2/23/89Faculty Senate 2/24/89 Endorses the President's statement on racism on campus.
2/22/89Graduate 2/24/89 The date of April 1, 1989 for submission of recertification materials for Graduate Faculty membership has been rescinded, and a new date will be established when the new guidelines are completed.
2/27/89Publications 2/24/89 That the changes in the Parthenon budget for 1988-89 be approved.
2/27/89Publications 2/24/89 That the estimated Parthenon budget for 1989-90 be approved.
3/13/89Athletic 4/3/89 To approve the recommendation of the Faculty/Staff Ticket Committee concerning faculty/staff basketball tickets for the 1989-90 season.
3/28/89Executive 3/29/89 Recommends to accept two courses before they go to the full Faculty Senate meeting March 30, 1989: BSC 422/522 and SPH 402/502.
3/30/89Faculty Senate 3/31/89 Accepts the changes as outlined in "Academic Rights and Responsibilities of Students."
3/30/89Faculty Senate 4/3/89 Accepts the election procedures outlined by the Executive Committee as amended.
3/30/89Faculty Senate 4/3/89 Approves the By-Laws and Constitutional changes presented by the By-Laws Committee as amended.
3/6/89Graduate 3/17/89 Approval of graduate faculty status appointments.
3/31/89Graduate 3/31/89 Recommends that a minimum grade point average (G.P.A..) of 2.5 will be required for admission to the Graduate School as a Speech Pathology Major.
2/16/89Research 3/31/89 Approved that the Research Committee submit its procedure manual to the Faculty Senate for approval.
2/22/89UFC 3/31/89 Recommended that the Grand Marshal walk behind the Chief Marshal with appropriate honorary stole and receive platform recognition.
2/22/89UFC 3/7/89 Recommended that Mayor Cisneros of San Antonio share duties as Commencement Speaker with Gaston Caperton.
2/22/89UFC 3/7/89 Recommended that Mayor Cisneros be given an honorary degree.
3/10/89ASCR 4/28/89 Recommended to change the Honors Program course substitution form to reflect the order of substitution permission by including signatures lines for each person included in the review process: Honors Program Director, student's major department chair, and the dean of the college.
3/10/89ASCR 4/28/89 Recommended to accept Early Entrance Policy for Gifted and Talented Students.
3/10/89ASCR 4/28/89 Recommended to change the name of the Community College to Marshall University Community and Technical College.
3/10/89ASCR 4/28/89 Recommended to accept the report of the Curriculum Sub-committee.
4/7/89ASCR 4/28/89 To accept the No Credit Policy recommendation for students who take courses for a Credit/No Credit grade in the event they withdraw during the WP/WF period.
4/7/89ASCR 4/28/89 To accept the course changes and additions as listed.
3/10/89BAC 4/28/89 Recommended that faculty should not be paid or given load credit for teaching CR107 New Student Seminar. However, teaching CR107 New Student Seminar should be counted as service to the university community when looking at faculty promotion and/or tenure.
1/18/89BAC 4/28/89 Recommended to support the proposal as presented by W. Don Williams, President, for the compensation of Chairpersons.
4/18/89EC 4/28/89 That the faculty representative on the University Calendar Committee present a draft of the proposed university calendar to the Senate early in the calendar development process in order to receive the Senate's input prior to approval of the calendar by the University Calendar Committee and its submission for final approval by the President.
3/31/89FPC 4/28/89 Recommend that we endorse the concept of additional compensation for chairs but ask the Faculty Senate to request that the Provost's Office work with the Council of Chairs and the Dean's Council to formulate a more uniform and specific policy for determining compensation and release time for chairs.
3/31/89FPC 4/28/89 Recommends that the Part-Time Faculty Manual be accepted as amended.
4/27/89Faculty Senate 4/28/89 Recommended that the Financial Aid Advisory Committee should submit information about tuition waivers on an annual basis to Student Conduct & Welfare and then to the Faculty Senate for its approval.
4/27/89Faculty Senate 4/28/89 Recommended that information should be provided to the Faculty Senate about release time on the campus by the May meeting of the Senate.
4/27/89Faculty Senate 4/28/89 Recommended that the Faculty Senate urge the President to consider alternatives to a Vice President for Human Relations to bring about a better climate on the campus and that the Faculty Senate endorse as priority the hiring of more minorities.
3/17/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommended the approval of graduate course additions: ART 560, BSC 522, CI 625, CI 672, CI 600, CIS 579, ITL 567, SPH 502, PHY 510, PHY 511.
3/17/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommends approval of the Graduate Faculty Membership guidelines.
3/17/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommends that all new graduate programs must be approved by the Graduate Committee.
3/17/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommends that changes in graduate programs requiring approval by the state governing board of higher education must first be approved by the Graduate Committee.
3/17/89Graduate 4/28/89 September 15, 1989 will be the deadline for submission of credentials for recertification to Graduate Faculty Membership.
4/10/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommends that the Pre-School Handicapped Program, a certified specialization Master's degree in special education be granted for the duration of the current federal grant at which time the program will be re-examined.
4/10/89Graduate 4/28/89 Recommends the amended Master of Arts in Teaching graduate program in the College of Education that contains three programmatic levels, 5-12, 9-12, and K-12.
3/8/89PFPC 4/28/89 Recommended that all campus parking tickets must be paid in order to receive a permit.
5/5/89ASCR 5/26/89 To approve the report of the Curriculum Sub-Committee.
     Recommended that prerequisites for upper division courses be left to the discretion of the department chairs.
4/3/89Athletic 5/26/89 To approve the budget of the Department of Athletics for 1989-90.
5/16/89EC 5/26/89 To submit to the Senate for its approval the Athletic budget, the University budget, and the Committee to Study Student Fees report.
     Recommends that Executive Committee elections for the new Senate shall be held in mid-April in the future.
5/25/89FS 5/26/89 Recognizing the significant problems concerning intolerance on the basis of race gender, religion, ethnicity, physical handicaps, sexual orientation, economic situation, and political views that exist on the Marshall University campus, the Faculty Senate hereby creates an indefinite ad hoc committee, composed of nine full-time faculty to examine the extent of the problems and to make specific recommendations directly to the Senate. The Committee members shall represent the diversity of the faculty. Representatives of minority groups, one of whom shall be elected chair by the committee, shall comprise the majority of the committee. The present membership with one additional member to be appointed by the President of the Senate will be retained through the 1989-90 academic year.
4/10/89Graduate 5/26/89 Recommends "To have the graduate dean chair an ad hoc committee to explore the creation of a doctoral program in regional development." The dean may appoint an appropriate committee."
4/24/89Graduate 5/26/89 The approval of the following graduate courses: CI 600, PHY 510, PHY 511, MCB 643, PHL 563, CI 661, CI 663, CI 665, CI 666, CI 673, CI 674, HEC 508, HEC 509, VTE 525, PSY 533, PSY 610, PSY 611, PSY 631, PSY 632.
4/24/89Graduate 5/4/89 Approval of graduate faculty rank.
5/12/89PFPC 5/26/89 Recommends approval of the attached space allocation proposal.
5/12/89PFPC 5/26/89 Recommended that Northcott N211 be designated a general purpose classroom and N101 be designated a special purpose classroom so that special computer equipment could be moved to the first floor to be accessible to handicapped students.
5/12/89PFPC 5/26/89 Recommends that beginning with the fall semester 1989, parking fees for first time applicants be increased by $10.00 with the money generated to be set aside in a special fund for land acquisition only.
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following definition be added to the Student's Code of Conduct, "Prejudice: Pre-judging on insufficient grounds; a hostile or negative attitude toward a whole group of people or toward one person simply because they/he/she is/are member(s) of that group."
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following definition be added to the Student's Code of Conduct, "Racism: The systematic oppression by one race through power/control of another race that operates by customs, traditions, and patterns on behalf of the powerful group causing an adverse condition for the less powerful group."
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following definition be added to the Student's Code of Conduct, "Day: The term 'day' shall refer to calendar days unless otherwise specified."
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following be added to the Student's Code of Conduct: Type I, Section H--Hazing; Type I, Section I - Harassment, Racial Harassment, Sexual/Peer Harassment and Intimidation. (See Recommendation on file in Senate office for full text)
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following definition be added to the Student's Code of Conduct, "Mediation." (See Recommendation on file in Senate office for full text)
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following change be made in the Student's Code of Conduct: Section IV, E: (last sentence to read) Changes and amendments in this Code of Conduct shall take effect immediately following approval by the Student Conduct & Welfare Committee, the Faculty Senate, and the President of the University.
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following change be made in the Student's Code of Conduct: Section V, 3b (to read) In those cases where the recommended sanction is deferred suspension, suspension or expulsion, appeals shall be directed to the President whose decision, which must be rendered within 10 days, will be final, except in cases where the President, imposes a sanction of expulsion. In those cases, where the President has imposed a sanction of expulsion, an appeal may be filed with the Board of Regents.
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends the following change be made in the Procedure Manual, page 12, Section G (Appeals): Within ten days following receipt of the student's appeal, the President shall review the facts of the case and render a decision.
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends that the following statement be included in the Student Handbook: Acts of Intolerance. (See Recommendation on file in Senate office for full text)
4/14/89SCWC 5/26/89 Recommends approval of the attached policy regarding students involved in travel/study abroad. (See Recommendation on file in Senate office for full text)

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