1989 - 1990

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Recommendation Number

Committee of Origin

Status of Recommendation

Recommendation Summary

SR-89-90-1GR A Non-voting membership of faculty advisors on GR committee
SR-89-90-2RC D Adoption of Queen Foundation form
SR-89-90-3SCW A Adoption of Materials providing info re: student organizations
SR-89-90-4SCW WSubstance Use @ Abuse Policy
SR-89-90-5SCW A Greek Life Alcoholic Beverage Policy
SR-89-90-6ASCR ACourse Additions: PE 211, 310 & 711 and MUS 428, 441, & 442
SR-89-90-7AC A Student Fee Allocation
SR-89-90-8AP A Institutional Mission Statement Commitments
SR-89-90-9ASCR A Composition of Curriculum subcommittee
SR-89-90-10ASCR A Acquisition of name of college reps. to Curriculum Sub-Comm.
SR-89-90-11SGA D Textbook purchases
SR-89-90-12FPC D Deletion of Phrase "toward terminal degree" from Greenbook
SR-89-90-13EC A Approval of ITL 115 course title
SR-89-90-14ASCR A Approval of Social Work package
SR-89-90-15ASCR A Expansion of Developmental Studies Program/Transition Program (CC)
SR-89-90-16ASCR A Change of COB courses to CR/NC
SR-89-90-17ASCR A Honors Program Proposal
SR-89-90-16ASCR A Honors Program Proposal & Honors Option Form
SR-89-90-19ASCR A Recording of credit for non-collegiate learning awarded by the Community College
SR-89-90-20ASCR A Change name of Speech Pathology/Audiology to Department of Communication Disorders
SR-89-90-21GR A Reduction of hours required for AF/CR degree.
SR-89-90-22GR ACreation of two program areas for the AF/CR M.S. degree
SR-89-90-23GR A Creation of an NS in Nursing
SR-89-90-24GR A Approval of 19 new course requirements for the MS in Nursing
SR-89-90-25GR A Approval of Courses: CR479/579, HE640,HE430/5, PE615,PE620
SR-89-90-26LA R Faculty statement on salary issue
SR-89-90-27LA R Statement of faculty position on current pay raise & possible reduction of fringe benefits.
SR-89-90-28RC A Gives Dean of Graduate School the responsibility to make all decisions re: Release Time for Graduate Faculty (Spring 90 only)
SR-89-90-29SF D No classes be held the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.
SR-89-90-30SF D Add additional days to Fall Semester so as to equal days in Spring Semester.
SR-89-90-31SF D Final exam periods be rotated by time slots as well as by days (Monday thru Friday).
SR-89-90-32SF D Eliminate Saturday exam periods except for those classes regularly meeting on Saturday.
SR-89-90-33SF D When possible schedule final exams on same day classes regularly meet.
SR-89-90-34SF D President reject any proposed calendar from Calendar Committee which excludes Recommendations 29 through 33.
SR-89-90-35SF A Establish ad-hoc committee to study academic calendar & Registrar's parameters re: Calendar.
SR-89-90-36ASCR A Approval of Photography Concentration in BFA Degree Program in Fine Arts, Visual Art option.
SR-89-90-37ASCR A Art course additions.
SR-89-90-38ASCR A ITL 401/501 course change.
SR-89-90-39ASCR A BSC 404 & 407 course deletions.
SR-89-90-40ASCR A BUS 221 addition, CT 206 deletion.
SR-89-90-41ASCR A Inclusion of 2 statement re: Transition Program in the CC in the Undergraduate Catalog.
SR-89-90-42ASCR A Cross-listed courses must have the same prerequisites or equivalent prerequisites.
SR-89-90-43ASCR R To accept the recommended procedure for appeals for academic sanctions.
SR-89-90-44AC A Dept. of Athletics review of all applications for sponsorships of athletic events & ramifications.
SR-89-90-45SCW A Statement re: ban on campus sales of tobacco products.
SR-89-90-46SCW W Required New Student Orientation.
SR-89-90-47SF A MU rep to WV Legislature ceremony.
SR-89-90-48SF A Thank you to SGA re: Faculty/Staff salary increases.
SR-89-90-49SF A Re: Parking sticker enforcement.
SR-89-90-50BL A Re: Change in Constitution (voting procedure).
SR-89-90-51BL A Change in By-Law #1, Sections 2 & 3.
SR-89-90-52BL A Re: Taping of Senate meetings.
SR-89-90-53SF A Re: Faculty/Staff Directories.
SR-89-90-54SF A Re: Receipt of Social Justice Committee Report.
SR-89-90-55SF A Endorsement of ACF enforcement of academic admissions standards policy.
SR-89-90-56GR A Re: Changes in the catalog stmt. regarding admission requirements for the Clinical Psychology Masters' Degree Program.
SR-89-90-57FPC A Re: Summer School Guidelines.
SR-89-90-58ASCR A Course addition - EG 290.
SR-89-90-59ASCR/GR A Course deletions - HST 314, HST 419/519
SR-89-90-60ASCR/GR A Course addition - HST 416/516.
SR-89-90-61ASCR/GR A Course addition - HST 420/520.
SR-89-90-62ASCR/GR W Course addition - HST 434/534.
SR-89-90-63ASCR A Course addition - HON 294.
SR-89-90-64ASCR A Course addition - HON 295.
SR-89-90-65ASCR A Course addition - HON 296.
SR-89-90-66ASCR A Course addition - PE 255.
SR-89-90-67ASCR A Course addition - PE 360.
SR-89-90-68ASCR A Course addition - PE 361.
SR-89-90-69ASCR A Course addition - PE 460.
SR-89-90-70ASCR A Course addition - PLS 320.
SR-89-90-71ASCR A Course change - PLS 301 form 2 to 3 hours.
SR-89-90-72*ASCR/GR  Course addition - NUR 450/550 Superceded by SR-89-90-128 *Still pending Graduate Committee action at6 the end of the 89/90 academic year.
SR-89-90-73ASCR A Course deletions - EME 122, EME 124, EME 231, EME 233.
SR-89-90-74ASCR A Course addition - EME 120.
SR-89-90-75ASCR A Course addition - EME 121.
SR-89-90-76ASCR A Course addition - EME 240.
SR-89-90-77ASCR A Course addition - EME 241.
SR-89-90-78ASCR A Re: Policy on Incomplete Grades.
SR-89-90-79FPC A Re: Changes in the "Institutional Hearing Panel Policy and Procedures Manual"
SR-89-90-80FPC A Re: Requirements for the Rank of Associate Professor.
SR-89-90-81EC D Re: Reconstitution of University Calendar Committee.
SR-89-90-82FPC A Re: Summer School Compensation.
SR-89-90-83SF A Resolution re: releasing of information concerning confidential personnel matters.
SR-89-90-84SF A Resolution requesting appropriate administrative action re: recent release of confidential personnel information.
SR-89-90-85ASCR A Course addition - HST 345
SR-89-90-86GR A Course deletions - HST 606, HST 612, HST 613, HST 614. Course addition - HST 636.
SR-89-90-87GR A Course addition - ITL 630.
SR-89-90-88GR A Course deletions - EDA 660, EDA 665.
SR-89-90-89GR A Re: Changes in the Graduate Catalog.
SR-89-90-90SCW D Re: Mandatory Orientation.
SR-89-90-91BL A Re: Defeated motions in the Senate.
SR-89-90-92BL D Constitutional Amendment - affects Article VI, Section 2 re: Standing Committee terms.
SR-89-90-93BL A Re: Guidelines for open forum in the Faculty Senate.
SR-89-90-94FPC A Approval of official response letter re: mandatory faculty retirement.
SR-89-90-95BL A Constitutional Addition: Stmt. of non-discrimination.
SR-89-90-96BL A Constitutional Change re: timing of special Senate meetings.
SR-89-90-97BL A Constitutional Change re: election procedures for Senate officers due to vacancies.
SR-89-90-98EC A Re: Faculty Development Committee (Recommendation was originally defeated then revised and approved)
SR-89-90-99RC A Approval of application form for The Queen Foundation.
SR-89-90-100EC A Constitutional Change re: distribution of Faculty Senate minutes.
SR-89-90-101PFPC A Creation of an ad hoc committee on landscaping.
SR-89-90-102PFPC D Re: removal of the brick campus perimeter fence.
SR-89-90-103PFPC A Re: classification of CH 333 as a special purpose classroom.
SR-89-90-104PFPC A Re: work priorities in the Physical Plant.
SR-89-90-105ASCR A Course addition: HEC 428/528. See also SR-130 for Graduate Committee action on same.
SR-89-90-106ASCR D Re: rejection of undergraduate candidacy in the Criminal Justice Dept.
SR-89-90-107ASCR A Re: charging of double diploma fee to students earning two degrees concurrently.
SR-89-90-108ASCR A Re: flexibility of depts. when scheduling class starting times.
SR-89-90-109ASCR D Re: elimination of faculty signature on student drop slips & more frequent publication of new class lists by Registrar after the W period.
SR-89-90-110SCW  Change in the Student Code of Conduct re: offenses off campus.
SR-89-90-111SCW A Change in the Student Code of Conduct re: abuse of the university telephone system.
SR-89-90-112SCW A Change in the Student Code of Conduct re: replacing phrase "recognized student organization" with "registered student organization."
SR-89-90-113SCW A Re: Revision of the Alcohol/Beer policy in the Residence Hall Handbook.
SR-89-90-114SCW A Re: Revision of the "open window" policy in the Residence Hall Handbook.
SR-89-90-115SCW A Recommendation to the administration that they propose a policy by Fall 90 to the SCW & FPC committees concerning possible sanctions against faculty members who involve themselves in altercations on campus.
SR-89-90-116IS A Resolution re: completion of the Science & Fine Arts buildings before further expenditures related to the stadium.
SR-89-90-117AP A Mission Statement
SR-89-90-118SF D Re: change of second commitment of the MU Mission Statement. (Initially approved 4/12 reconsidered on 4/26 & defeated)
SR-89-90-119ASCR A Course Changes: COM 094 & COM 221.
SR-89-90-120ASCR A Course addition - BUS 250.
SR-89-90-121ASCR A Course deletions - NUR 105, 109, 203, 205, 206, 209, 212, & 213.
SR-89-90-122ASCR A To change College of Education's Division of Specialized Allied Studies to Division of Human Development & Allied Technology.
SR-89-90-123SCW/FPC A Re: Substance Abuse Policy.
SR-89-90-124PFPC A Re: Smoking Policy.
SR-89-90-125PFPC A Re: Removal of wall on Hal Greer Blvd. & re-use of bricks.
SR-89-90-126PFPC A Re: Parking rate increase.
SR-89-90-127PFPC A Re: Sign Policy.
SR-89-90-128ASCR/GR A Course addition - NUR 450/550.
SR-89-90-129ASCR/GR A Course addition - GEO 417/517.
SR-89-90-130ASCR/GR A Course addition - HEC 428/528.
SR-89-90-131GR A Course addition - PHS 641
SR-89-90-132GR A Course addition - BMS 624, BMS 670
SR-89-90-133GR A Course deletion - BIC 624
SR-89-90-134GR A Re: approval of two degree options within the Marketing Education M.A. Degree
SR-89-90-135GR A Re: changes in the Graduate Catalog.
SR-89-90-136ASCR/GR A Course addition - PLS 402/502
SR-89-90-137ASCR A Course addition - SPH 322
SR-89-90-138ASCR A Course additions - EGT 210, 220, 227, & 280/283.
SR-89-90-139ASCR A Course deletions - CT 210, 220, 277
SR-89-90-140ASCR A Course additions: -AVT 125 & AVT 280/283
SR-89-90-141ASCR A Course addition - ELT 280/283
SR-89-90-142ASCR A Course addition - COM 096
SR-89-90-143ASCR A Course change - BUS 104
SR-89-90-144ASCR A Re: approval of the revised Curriculum Proposal Form
SR-89-90-145ASCR A Course additions - SOS 106H & SOS 208H
SR-89-90-146ASCR A Course addition - AVT 210
SR-89-90-147FPC A Re: Addition to the policy on Academic Rank & Criteria for Promotion, Section E1, pg. 15, Greenbook
SR-89-90-148AC A Re: Approval of the Athletic Dept. budget for 1990/91
SR-89-90-149BL A Constitutional change: Article VI, Section 8B re: membership on the Athletic Committee.
SR-89-90-150FPC A Re: Policy for visiting foreign scholars
SR-89-90-151SF A Honorary Senator Resolution
SR-89-90-152SF A Resolution re: Faculty Senate support of equitable budgetary & salary increases for MU SOM.
SR-89-90-153SF D Re: Summer School Guidelines.

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