1990 - 1991

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The following is a key to the recommendation status:  A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P = Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-90-91-(1)154GRWGraduate Faculty Status be approved for attached lists
SR-90-91-(2)155GRACourse Change: MGT 692
SR-90-91-(3)156SCWAParking during basketball games
SR-90-91-(4)157AHCDFinals Schedule - eliminating Saturday finals
SR-90-91-(5)158AHCA48-Hour deadline after final for submission of grades given as a suggested guideline only
SR-90-91-(6)159AHCADeadline for submission of final grades be changed to 4:00 p.m.
SR-90-91-(7)160SFAFunding for Library journal subscriptions
SR-90-91-(8)161SCWAOrientation proposal for Summer 1991
SR-90-91-(9)162FPCDApproval of Outside Employment Activities By Full-Time Faculty form
SR-90-91-(10)163FPCAApproval of Annual Report of Faculty Member form
SR-90-91-(11)164FPCAApproval of Procedures for Annual Report Of Faculty Member form
SR-90-91-(12)165GRACourse Change: NUR 695
SR-90-91-(13)166GRAChange on page 30 of Graduate catalog
SR-90-91-(14)167GRA Change in requirements for the Masters Program in Social Studies
SR-90-91-(15)168SCWA Appointment of Dr. Donna Spindel as Chair of the Financial Aid Advisory Committee
SR-90-91-(16)169RCA Application form - Graduate School Fund for Released Time for Research
SR-90-91-(17)170ECA Resolution concerning Lambda Society
SR-90-91-(18)171AHCA Elimination of TTH 3:45-5:45 p.m. time slot for final examinations
SR-90-91-(19)172AHCA Special time slots for multi-section final examinations to be abolished or moved to Saturdays
SR-90-91-(20)173AHCA New final exam schedule proposal
SR-90-91-(21)174AHCA No department, college or committee meetings be held on study day during finals' week
SR-90-91-(22)175ECA To endorse Staff Council's position on paper re PEIA
SR-90-91-(23)176ASCRA Course additions and deletions - Economics
SR-90-91-(24)177ASCRA Course deletions - Biological Science
SR-90-91-(25)178ASCRAChange in catalog concerning Military Duty
SR-90-91-(26)179LJCCAUniversity Calendar 1991-92
SR-90-91-(27)180SGAD"Dead Week" of class exams immediately before final exams
SR-90-91-(28)181GRACatalog Description - Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
SR-90-91-(29)182GRAChange in course titles - Communication Disorders
SR-90-91-(30)183GRAChange in number of credit hours - MTH 427/527 and MTH 428/528
SR-90-91-(31)184SFARefers RAM problem to appropriate standing committee or an ad hoc committee
SR-90-91-(32)185FPCAPolicy statement on integrity in Scientific Research
SR-90-91-(33)186GRACourse addition - BMS 630
SR-90-91-(34)187ASCR/GRACourse addition - HST 434/534
SR-90-91-(35)188GRACourse additions - CR 656, 657,658
SR-90-91-(36)189GRATitle change - CD 624
SR-90-91-(37)190ASCRATitle change - CD 495H-496
SR-90-91-(38)191ASCRACourse addition - SED 340
SR-90-91-(39)192ASCRACR/NC for remedial/developmental courses
SR-90-91-(40)193UFACommencement speaker - 1991
SR-90-91-(41)194UFAHonorary Doctorate - 1991 Commencement
SR-90-91-(42)195SFA Resolution in support of reclassification of Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences
SR-90-91-(43)196SFAResolution opposing the Resource Allocation Model
SR-90-91-(44)197SFAResolution concerning PEIA
SR-90-91-(45)198LAAResolution to state legislature concerning PEIA
SR-90-91-(46)199LAARequest for clarification of H.B. 311
SR-90-91-(47)200ASCRACourse Addition: Honors 101
SR-90-91-(48)201GRAPolicy on the use of the GRE
SR-90-91-(49)202GRACourse Changes: ENG 620, ENG 624, ENG 625, ENG 630
SR-90-91-(50)203BLAAmendment to By-Law #2
SR-90-91-(51)204BLWConstitutional change concerning census for determining constituency numbers
SR-90-91-(52)205ACDPriority registration for student (died on the Senate floor) athletes
SR-90-91-(53)206SCWAPriority registration for physically challenged students and students enrolled in the H.E.L.P. program
SR-90-91-(54)207ECDOutside Employment Activities form
SR-90-91-(55)208ECARescind Senate policy requiring names of all Senators who have missed three meetings during the year be placed in the minutes
SR-90-91-(56)117APASecond version of the Mission Statement (requested by Dr. Charles Manning)
SR-90-91-(57)209SFAPriority registration policy be published in catalog and schedule of courses
SR-90-91-(58)210SCWASign Policy
SR-90-91-(59)211ASCR/SCWAAcademic Appeals Policy
SR-90-91-(60)212ASCRDWithdrawal Policy
SR-90-91-(61)213FPCACarter G. Woodson Faculty Initiative
SR-90-91-(62)214BLAConstitutional Change - Article Ill -- Membership and Election
SR-90-91-(63)215BLAEnlarge scope of By-Law #4
SR-90-91-(64)216BLA New By-Law concerning committees
SR-90-91-(65)217BLA Constitutional change regarding the Publications Committee
SR-90-91-(66)218ECA Support of Staff Council concerning PEIA
SR-90-91-(67)219AHCA Adoption of policy and forms for final exam conflicts or when a student has 3 or more exams on one day
SR-90-91-(68)220AHCA Policy for determining day of final exams
SR-90-91-(69)221AHCD Request that Registrars Office be open on weekend for submission of final grades
SR-90-91-(70)222SFA Resolution concerning College of Business accreditation
SR-90-91-(71)223SFA Academic Planning is to report to Senate proper method of dealing with proposed new academic programs
SR-90-91-(72)224ECA That the University President defer instituting a "Special Committee to Study Priority Registration"
SR-90-91-(73)225ECA Retroactively implement SR-90-91-(62)214 (BL)
SR-90-91-(74)226ECA To approve submission of letter of intent to plan a doctoral program (Ed.D.) in VTAE
SR-90-91-(75)227SFA For the Faculty Senate President to appoint a 5 member sub-committee of the Faculty Senate to work on the Outside Employment Activities form
SR-90-91-(76)228GRA Change in policy of GR catalog under "General Requirements for Master's Degree"
SR-90-91-(77)229ASCR/GRA Course Deletion: BSC 503
SR-90-91-(78)230ASCR/GRA Course Addition: Cl 435/535
SR-90-91-(79)231ASCRA Course Deletion: ITL 315/320
SR-90-91-(80)232ASCRA Course Addition: NUR 317
SR-90-91-(81)233ASCRA Title Change: NUR 420
SR-90-91-(82)234ASCRA Change in course descriptions: NUR 318, 403, 409, 421
SR-90-91-(83)235ISA Parking policy for when classes are not in session
SR-90-91-(84)236RCA Request for additional funds to support faculty travel
SR-90-91-(85)237FPCD Procedures for the search process for Provost vacancy
SR-90-91-(86)238FPCD Procedures for the search process for Academic Deans/Director of Libraries vacancies
SR-90-91-(87)239AHCD Summer School class times be lengthened by 26 minutes as to reduce the summer school week to four days
SR-90-91-(88)240AHCD Spring Break to be scheduled for the middle of Spring semester
SR-90-91-(89)241PFPCA Policy on naming of buildings
SR-90-91-(90)242APA To approve letter of intent to plan a Masters of Science in Training and Development
SR-90-91-(91)243ECA Expression of appreciation to Inco Alloys International, Inc.
SR-90-91-(92)244FSA Objections to removal of sexual orientation from the language of social justice guidelines under review by the Social Justice Committee of the University of West Virginia Board of Trustees
SR-90-91-(93)245ECA New loco money be placed under the jurisdiction of the Faculty Development Committee
SR-90-91-(95)247ASCRA Policy concerning "dead week"
SR-90-91-(96)248ASCRA Course Change: ITL 450
SR-90-91-(97)249GRA Course Additions: MTH 690-693
SR-90-91-(98)250GRA Course Deletion: EDA 510; Course Addition: EDA 695
SR-90-91-(99)251PFPCA Amendment to "Policy for Assignment of Auxiliary Space"
SR-90-91-(100)252PCA Approval of the Parthenon budget for 1991-92
SR-90-91-(101)253FSA Statement concerning state appropriated funds for the new football stadium
SR-90-91-(102)254ACA Approval of the Athletic Department budget for 1991-92
SR-90-91-(103)255FPCR Faculty Overload Policy [SEE SR-91-92-93 (FPC)]
SR-90-91-(104)256AHCD Full-Time Faculty Activities form
SR-90-91-(105)257SCWA General guidelines for priority in registration
SR-90-91-(106)258FSA Support of Dr. Bruce Carpenter as the next President of Marshall University
SR-90-91-(107)259FSA Statement concerning the Mission Statement
SR-90-91-(108)260FSA GRE will be implemented in the Fall semester of 1992
SR-90-91-(109)261FSA Procedures concerning GRE scores
SR-90-91-(110)262FSA Items to be sent to the BOT concerning the Presidential Search
SR-90-91-(111)263FSA Appointment of subcommittee to prepare items listed in SR-90-91-(110)262 (FS)
SR-90-91-(112)264ASCRA Course Additions: OT 255, 290
SR-90-91-(113)265ASCRA Course Deletions: OT 266, 299, 264, 275, CT 255
SR-90-91-(114)266ASCRA Course Addition: MGT 461
SR-90-91-(115)267ASCRA Course Deletion: MGT 360
SR-90-91-(116)268ASCRA Change in undergraduate catalog concerning "Honors Students in Graduate Courses"
SR-90-91-(117)269ASCRA Instructors must file a copy of course syllabi with chairperson
SR-90-91-(118)270ASCR/GRA Course Additions: ITL 415/515, 420/520
SR-90-91-(119)271ASCR/GRA Course Deletion: PS 647
SR-90-91-(120)272GRR Proposal for a M.S. Degree in Operations Management
SR-90-91-(121)273GRA Addition of program offering Ed.D. Degree in Vocational, Technical and Adult Education
SR-90-91-(122)274GRA Change in SR-90-91-(76)228 (GR) governing coursework toward a second master's degree
SR-90-91-(123)275FDCA By-Laws Committee will delay discussion to merge FDC and RC until FDC has studied its charge
SR-90-91-(124)276SCWA Revisions for the Code of Conduct Procedures Manual
SR-90-91-(125)277SCWA Revision for the Code of Conduct Procedures Manual
SR-90-91-(126)278SCWA Revision for the Code of Conduct Procedures Manual
SR-90-91-(127)279SCWA Revision for the Code of Conduct Procedures Manual
SR-90-91-(128)280APA General Education Philosophy Statement
SR-90-91-(129)281FPCA Request for delay of further implementation of special initiatives in hiring African Americans until policy has gone through proper faculty channels
SR-90-91-(130)282LAA Request for removal of the twenty year salary cap for faculty and classified staff
SR-90-91-(131)283LAA Request for implementation of classified staff salary schedules in a timely manner
SR-90-91-(132)284LAA Request for the BOT to grant MU authority to award stand alone PhD in Biomedical Sciences
SR-90-91-(133)285PCA Approval of Justice budgets for 1990-91, 1991-92 and 1992-93, purchase of computer equipment and student fee increase
SR-90-91-(134)286ASCRA Statement concerning MU catalog to be placed in GR and UGR catalogs
SR-90-91-(135)287ASCRA Course Deletions: ISM 101, 102, 103, 104, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 130, 131, 132, 134, 135, 136, 230, 231, 233, 234, 235, 237, 238, 240, 241, 280, 281, 282, 283
SR-90-91-(136)288ASCRA Course Changes: OT 236, 237, 239, 255
SR-90-91-(137)289ASCRA Course Additions: EGT 101, 116, 117, 119, 134, 225, 230, 231, 234, 237, 299
SR-90-91-(138)290ASCRA Course Additions: ELT 149, 179, 249, 279
SR-90-91-(139)291ASCRA Course Deletions: ELT 139, 189, 239, 269
SR-90-91-(140)292FSA Addition of Day Care Center to the Master Plan
SR-90-91-(141)293FSA Congratulations and appreciation to Kathryn H. Chezik for service to the Faculty Senate
SR-90-91-(142)294FSA No submission of an Outside Employment Activities form
SR-90-91-(143)295APA Revisions to THE GREENBOOK concerning the Academic Planning Committee
SR-90-91-(144)296ASCRA Withdrawal Policy