1991 - 1992

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The following is a key to the recommendation status: A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P = Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-91-92-1SCWARevisions to the Code of Conduct
SR-91-92-2SCWADisabled Student Services Policy
SR-91-92-3BARProblem areas to be addressed for upcoming budgets (referred back to BA 910926 by the FS)
SR-91-92-4APCRReview feasibility of establishing a 2 + 2 program with SWVCC (referred to ASCR by the EC 910916)
SR-91-92-5APCASupplemental Statement to the Mission Statement
SR-91-92-6ECDAny plan involving academic mission of MU be reviewed and approved by the FS (Approved by the Faculty Senate 09/26191. Disapproved by the University President 10/16/91.)
SR-91-92-7SFACalendar Committee be charged to examine the entire university calendar
SR-91-92-8ASCR/GRAChange in title and description of Cl 454/554
SR-91-92-9ASCR/GRACourse addition: PHY 447/547
SR-91-92-10GRACourse deletion: CJ 501 and Course addition: CJ 679
SR-91-92-11GRAShould new money become available for GA stipends, it should be used to increase existing stipends
SR-91-92-12SCWAGrievance Procedures - Student Legal Aid Center
SR-91-92-13PFPCAParking during football games
SR-91-92-14PFPCAH.E.L.P. building be named after Wilbur E. Myers
SR-91-92-15APCWCIS transfer from COB to COS [see SR-91-92-49 (SF)]
SR-91-92-16ECA*Statement concerning sexual orientation *(Approved by the FS 10/24t9l. Dr. Gilley chose to neither approve or disapprove this recommendation.)
SR-91-92-17LAALibrary expansion be placed as a top priority
SR-91-92-18EC/FPCACarter G. Woodson Faculty Initiative - Resubmission [re: SR-90-91-(61)213 (FPC)]
SR-91-92-19UFACommencement speaker and honorary degree recipients
SR-91-92-20ACAPriority point system for use in basketball seating
SR-91-92-21ASCRAUltimate decision of scheduling classes rests with the departments in consultation with respective deans
SR-91-92-22ASCRACourse Deletions: HST 316, 317. Course Addition: HST 312
SR-91-92-23ASCRAChange in Course Description: SPH 103
SR-91-92-24ASCRADeletion of BOT and ZOO alpha designator in favor of BSC form listed courses and change in alpha designator and course number
SR-91-92-25ASCRACourse Deletions: BOT and ZOO
SR-91-92-26ASCRAChange in Course Title: MTH 099
SR-91-92-27ASCRAChange in elective selection: Radiological Technology
SR-91-92-28ASCRATermination of Plastic Technology Program
SR-91-92-29ASCRAChange in course description: LAS 290
SR-91-92-30GRACourse Addition: SED 575
SR-91-92-31GRAConcerns thesis after graduation
SR-91-92-32GRAChange in catalog description of "General Requirements for Master's Degree"
SR-91-92-33FPCAOutside Employment Activities Form
SR-91-92-34FPCDRecommendations for Provost Search form (disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-35FPCDRecommendations for Deans and Director of Libraries Searches form (disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-36LAARequest for implementation of staff salary schedule
SR-91-92-37GRTContinuation and strong support of Graduate School
SR-91-92-38GRACourse Additions: SPH 511, 513 and 520
SR-91-92-39GRACourse Deletion: SPH 551
SR-91-92-40GRATitle Change: SPH 576
SR-91-92-41GRATitle Changes: SPH 601, 650 and 656
SR-91-92-42LADSurcharge on athletic tickets
SR-91-92-43PFPCAMaster Plan
SR-91-92-44PFPCAStaff Council representative on PFPC be given voting privileges (Constitutional change - to be presented to the faculty 04/30/92)
SR-91-92-45ASCRACourse Addition: BSC 450
SR-91-92-46SFAFS President write letter expressing dissatisfaction for resolution from WVU
SR-91-92-47SFDSavings from President's reorganization be used to restore library budget to at least 1990-91 level
SR-91-92-48SFAThat no university committee shall have jurisdiction over a department's budget spending decisions
SR-91-92-49SFAThat the concerns of CIS faculty will be addressed
SR-91-92-50GRARedesigned programs in Adult and Technical Education
SR-91-92-51GRA Course Deletions: ACC, MKT, MGT, FIN, ECN Course Additions: ACC, MKT, MGT, ECN, FIN
SR-91-92-52GRA Course Deletions: HEC
SR-91-92-53AHCD Spring break be established as the last full week in March (Disapproved by the FS)
SR-91-92-54ASCRA To change the name of the Speech Department to Department of Communication Studies
SR-91-92-55ASCRA Course changes, additions and deletions - SPH
SR-91-92-56EC/ASCRA To change the name of the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism to the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications
SR-91-92-57ECD Continuation of 9 hours reassigned time for Fall/Spring and full summer stipend for the Faculty Senate President (Disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-58ECD Continuation of 3 hours reassigned time for Chair of the Faculty Personnel Committee (Disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-59SFA Future meetings of University and College system schools hold joint working sessions in the morning and separate business sessions in the afternoon
SR-91-92-60SFA Maintenance of academic facilities should not be deferred in favor of other projects
SR-91-92-61BLA That Robert's Rules be relied upon for discipline of officers short of removal from office
SR-91-92-62BLA (REVISED) Constitutional Change - Article VI, Sections 3 and 5C
SR-91-92-63ASCRA Course Addition: Cl 460 - 464
SR-91-92-64ASCRA Course Additions: PLS 150, 152,154,156,158,160
SR-91-92-65ASCRA Course Changes: EME 109, 120,121, 240, 241
SR-91-92-66ASCRA Course Addition: MS 102
SR-91-92-67ASCRA Course Deletion: MS 212
SR-91-92-68ASCRA Course Deletion: MS 217
SR-91-92-69ASCRA Course Changes: MS 221 and 209
SR-91-92-70ASCRR A prerequisite for a particular course must be successfully completed before a student will be allowed to attempt next course (referred back to ASCR by the EC 920113)
SR-91-92-71LAA Request for funds from legislature to raise university stipends for full-time GA's
SR-91-92-72LAA That the legislature be urged to provide necessary funding to implement proposed doctoral program in VTAE
SR-91-92-73ECR Independent Studies courses should reflect the name of the person teaching the class (referred to ASCR by the FS 920123)
SR-91-92-74LAD That the existing HERF fee be replaced with two new fees whose sum would not exceed the present HERF fee
SR-91-92-75ASCR/APCA New program proposal - Automotive Technology
SR-91-92-76ASCR/APCA New program proposal - Bachelor of Science
SR-91-92-77SFA Endorsement of Policy Bulletin 43 as presented to the FS 01/23/92
SR-91-92-78SFA That Senators canvass constituencies for signatures supporting interim version of Policy Bulletin 43
SR-91-92-79SFA That Charles Lloyd send an AUDIX message to Robert Sawrey concerning Policy Bulletin 43, and that Robert Sawrey forward the message to all Senators
SR-91-92-80SFD Support of COLA chairs statement deploring manner in which faculty were not informed before the media concerning University budget cuts (approved by the FS 920123)
SR-91-92-81PFPCA That the running track be named the Walter " Lefty" Rollins Track
SR-91-92-82GRA Course deletions, additions and change of titles - PSC
SR-91-92-83PFPCW Designates NH1 25 as a general purpose classroom belonging generally to engineers and social work (withdrawn by PFPC)
SR-91-92-84ECA Constitutional Change-Article 111, Section 5 concerning senate elections
SR-91-92-85ASCRACourse Deletions: PSC 491-494
SR-91-92-86ASCRACourse changes, additions and deletions: NUR
SR-91-92-87SCWDChange in Class Attendance Policy
SR-91-92-88SCWAChange in Visitation Policy for residence halls
SR-91-92-89SCWAChange in Visitation Policy for residence halls
SR-91-92-90SCWAChange in Visitation Policy for residence halls
SR-91-92-91SFA Statement concerning loss of faculty positions for Fall 1992
SR-91-92-92ACT 1992 football season ticket proceeds
SR-91-92-93FPCD Faculty Overload Policy (disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-94ASCR/GRA Course deletions: PSC 455-555 and PSC 456-556
SR-91-92-95GRA Policy on thesis binding
SR-91-92-96SCWD That the Dean of Students report to the Vice President of Academic Affairs or to the President rather than to the Vice President for Administration
SR-91-92-97SCWA That the University President be urged to hold a seat for the Dean of Students on the President's Cabinet or any future advisory body
SR-91-92-98SCWA Priority registration for certain students enrolled in the BSN program
SR-91-92-99APCA Defines role of the APC in the program review process
SR-91-92-100FPCD Faculty Off-Campus Teaching Policy (disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-101FPCD Faculty Workload Policy (disapproved by the University President)
SR-91-92-102ECA Academic and faculty research activities are exempted from any policy concerning the use of copying technology at MU
SR-91-92-103CCA Procedure for the elimination of courses from the catalog
SR-91-92-104SFA Support of Dr. Joe Simoni's letter of 920324 concerning the Board Initiatives adapted 920311
SR-91-92-105GRA Course Deletions: Cl 505, Cl 541, Cl 620, Cl 635, Cl 652, Cl 667, Cl 668, Cl 669, ITL 604, and ITL 621
SR-91-92-106GRA That Cl 672 no longer be graded with a letter grade, but with the grades CR/NCR
SR-91-92-107ASCRA Change in program title from EMT to EME
SR-91-92-108ASCRA Procedures for determining credit for non-collegiate teaming
SR-91-92-109ASCRA Headings to be deleted and retained in the Undergraduate Catalog
SR-91-92-110AHCA Early submission of proposed university calendars to the UCC
SR-91-92-111SFA Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee to review Executive Bulletin No. 1
SR-91-92-112SCWA Resolution concerning priority registration for athletes
SR-91-92-113SCWD That the athletic department request through proper channels that priority registration be reinstated for athletes
SR-91-92-114FDC Mission Statement for the FDC
SR-91-92-115SFA That the time of the 05/14/92 FS meeting be changed from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.
SR-91-92-116SFA That Martin Luther King Day be observed on its designated day
SR-91-92-117SFA Commends Dr. Charles Lloyd for his service as the 1991-92 ACF representative
SR-91-92-118SFA Concerns the Housing Fees section of the undergraduate catalog
SR-91-92-119ECA Response to Executive Bulletin No. 1
SR-91-92-120SCWD Endorsement of HR 2363 as amended
SR-91-92-121ASCRA Course Addition: HEC 460-463
SR-91-92-122FPCD MU Faculty Salary Adjustment Policy (approved by FS - disapproved by university president)
SR-91-92-123FPCA Adoption of a uniform policy of times to lock classroom/faculty office buildings
SR-91-92-138APCALetter of intent to plan a new doctoral degree program in psychology
SR-91-92-139GRACourse Addition: ATE 505
SR-91-92-140ASCR/GRACourse Addition: PSC 460
SR-91-92-141GRAChange in grading of BSC 585-588 and BSC 650-652 from letter grade to CR/NC
SR-91-92-142GRACourse Deletion: BSC 679
SR-91-92-143GRAPolicy concerning validation of outdated courses
SR-91-92-144SFARecognition of Lois Blackburn
SR-91-92-145SFARequest to BOT to omit initiative that calls for reduction in enrollment of teacher education programs
SR-91-92-146SFAReprimand of B&A for failure to comply with MU Faculty Constitution