1992 - 1993

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The following is a key to the recommendation status: A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P = Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-92-93-(1)147UFW Disbursement of diplomas during commencement Weekend
SR-92-93-(2)148ECA Procedures to be utilized concerning university reorganization
SR-92-93-(3)149ECA Recipient of Marshall & Shirley Reynolds Award be nominated for CASE Professor of the Year Award
SR-92-93-(4)150ACP MU Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics - Draft #6 - August 1992
SR-92-93-(5)151ECA Resolutions amended by the University President are to be brought back to the FS for a second vote
SR-92-93-(6)152ASCRA Change in name and alpha designator for the department of Computer and Information Science
SR-92-93-(7)153FSA Statement concerning the Parthenon's decision of publishing the names and addresses of rape victims
SR-92-93-(8)154FPCA Amendment to the Greenbook - Chapter IV, Faculty Personnel Policies
SR-92-93-(9)155ASCR/GRA Course deletions: Cl 466/566
SR-92-93-(10)156ASCR/GRA Course deletions: ITL 404/504, 405/505 and 410/510
SR-92-93-(11)157ASCR/GRA Course deletions: GLY 415/515, 4531553 and 454/554
SR-92-93-(12)158GRA Course addition: PSY 650
SR-92-93-(13)159ASCR/GRA Title change from "Certificate of Advanced Studies" to "Education Specialist" program
SR-92-93-(14)160SCWD Denies request for priority registration for John Marshall and National Merit Scholars
SR-92-93-(15)161SCWA Priority registration for select Yeager Scholars
SR-92-93-(16)162SCWD Priority registration for select St. Mary's SON students
SR-92-93-(17)163SCWA Priority registration for select student athletes
SR-92-93-(18)164SCWW Statement concerning student publications
SR-92-93-(19)165AHCCA Proposed 1993-94 university calendar
SR-92-93-(20)166ECA Statement concerning processes associated with Executive Policy Bulletin #3
SR-92-93-(21)167FSA ASCR to study overload policy and to recommend changes
SR-92-93-(22)168FSA Support for academic freedom and the right of all faculty members to speak freely without fear of censorship or discipline
SR-92-93-(23)169ACA Addition of women's softball to MU's sports program
SR-92-93-(24)170GRA Course additions: CHM 522, CHM 526 and CHM 553
SR-92-93-(25)171GRA Course deletions: CHM 556 and CHM 557
SR-92-93-(26)172GRA Course change: CHM 548
SR-92-93-(27)173GRA Course deletions: JRN 605, JRN 611 and JRN 614
SR-92-93-(28)174GRA Course changes: SPH 630, SPH 632, SPH 634, and SPH 685-8
SR-92-93-(29)175GRA Change in Graduate Catalog for History M.A. students
SR-92-93-(30)176ASCR/GRA Course deletions: SPH 430/530, SPH 434/534, SPH 437/537, SPH 438/538, SPH 442/542, JRN 471/571, and JRN 475/575
SR-92-93-(31)177ASCR/GRA Course changes: JRN 490/590, JRN 460/560, SPH 432/532, JRN 404/504, JRN 400/500, JRN 450/550, JRN 440/540, SPH 436/536, SPH 435/535, SPH 433/533, JRN 435/535, and JRN 433/533
SR-92-93-(32)178ASCR/GRA Course addition: SED 454/554
SR-92-93-(33)179ASCR/GRA Course changes: GLY 455/555, GLY 455/555, GLY 425/525, and GLY 418/518
SR-92-93-(34)180GRA Change in policy for "Validation (REVISED) of Outdated Courses"
SR-92-93-(35)181GRA Addition to the GR Catalog concerning "Professional Development Courses"
SR-92-93-(36)182GRA Addition to the GR Catalog concerning graduate coursework at another institution
SR-92-93-(37)183ASCRA Course changes: CHM 357 and 358, and course deletion: CHM 359
SR-92-93-(38)184ASCRA Course change: CHM 448
SR-92-93-(39)185ASCRA Course deletions: CHM 456 and 457, and course additions: CHM 422, 426 and 453
SR-92-93-(40)186ASCRA Course change: CHM 345
SR-92-93-(41)187ASCRA Course change: GLY 211
SR-92-93-(42)188ASCRA Course deletion: HEC 307
SR-92-93-(43)189ASCRA Course addition: HEC 201
SR-92-93-(44)190ASCRA Course deletion: SED 354
SR-92-93-(45)191ASCRA Course changes: NUR 324 and 325
SR-92-93-(46)192ASCRA Change some course prefixes from JRN and SPH courses to JMC
SR-92-93-(47)193ASCRA Course changes for some JMC courses replacing JRN and SPH courses
SR-92-93-(48)194ASCRA Course deletions: JRN 200, 204, 301, 308 and 310, and SPH 230, 332, 333, and 339
SR-92-93-(49)195ASCRA Course addition: CD 101
SR-92-93-(50)196ASCRA Termination of the AAS degree program in Library Media Technology
SR-92-93-(51)197GRT Departments be required to submit report on oral defenses of theses to the GR dean and that GR dean's office develop the form
SR-92-93-(52)198GRD Word processors and computers are not allowed to take written comprehensive exams but electric typewriters are allowed under certain guidelines
SR-92-93-(53)199PFPCA Distribution for new elevator keys to 8th floor of Smith Hall
SR-92-93-(54)200FSA Deferment of appointment of faculty to the Student Media Board until meetings with Administration, School of Journalism, and other concerned parties
SR-92-93-(55)201FSD That Hal Shaver organize meetings of parties concerned with the Student Media Board and that Bert Gross act as liaison
SR-92-93-(56)202FSA Executive Policy Bulletin No. 3
SR-92-93-(57)203ASCRA Course addition: BSC 452
SR-92-93-(58)204ASCRA Course addition: GLY 160
SR-92-93-(59)205ASCRA Course changes: FIN 327, 329, 405, and 410. Course deletion: FIN 225. Course addition: FIN 321.
SR-92-93-(60)206ASCR/GRA Course change: SPH 431/531
SR-92-93-(61)207GRA Course changes: Cl 661, 663, 665, 666, 673, and 674
SR-92-93-(62)208GRA Course changes: Cl 660 and 661
SR-92-93-(63)209ASCRA Delay implementation date of course change previously approved for NUR 222 [re SR-91-92-86 (ASCR)] from Spring 1993 to Spring 1994
SR-92-93-(64)210ASCRA Deletions of certain BBA electives in "American Institutions" and "International lnstitutions"
SR-92-93-(65)211GRA Termination of Master of Science Degree in library Science Education
SR-92-93-(66)212GRA Change in GR program - Psychology
SR-92-93-(67)213FPCD Election of Chairs Policy (approved by the FS but disapproved by the University President)
SR-92-93-(68)214FPCT Sexual Harassment Policy [see SR-92-93-(112)258 (FS)]
SR-92-93-(69)215UFA 1993 Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipients
SR-92-93-(70)216ASCRA Course addition: HEC 349
SR-92-93-(71)217ASCRA Course deletion: Cl 441
SR-92-93-(72)218ASCRA Course change: NUR 318
SR-92-93-(73)219ASCRA Course deletion: CL 208. Course additions: CL 230 and CL 231
SR-92-93-(74)220ASCRA Course addition: JMC 102. Course change: JRN 240
SR-92-93-(75)221ASCRA Course deletion: CT 103. Course additions: CT 105, CT 106 and OT 107
SR-92-93-(76)222ASCRA Course deletion: FIN 307. Course additions: FIN 207 and FIN 415. Course change: FIN 430
SR-92-93-(77)223ASCRA Course change: MGT 318. Course additions: MGT 300 and MGT 441
SR-92-93-(78)224ASCRA Course addition: ECN 150
SR-92-93-(79)225FSA Establishes ad-hoc committee to study wording of Article VI, Section 16 of the Faculty Senate Constitution
SR-92-93-(80)226ASCR/GRA Course changes: JRN 408/508, SPH 428/528, JRN 335, SPH 497/597 - 498/598 and course additions: JMC 455/555 and JMC 491/591
SR-92-93-(81)227ACA Role of athletic committee and athletic advisory board
SR-92-93-(82)228LAA Employees of the state higher education system be allowed to serve in the state legislature
SR-92-93-(83)229ASCRA Both BA & BS degrees in geography be continued
SR-92-93-(84)230GRD Both MA & MS degrees in geography be continued
SR-92-93-(85)231GRA Approval of form entitled "Report of the Committee on the Oral Defense of the Thesis"
SR-92-93-(86)232GRA Incoming graduate assistants be given a copy of the "Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Assistants" from the Council of GR Schools
SR-92-93-(87)233GRA MA in social studies be eliminated
SR-92-93-(88)234PFPCA Revised smoking policy
SR-92-93-(89)235ACA Athletic tickets for faculty and staff shall be discounted at 20% beginning 1993-94
SR-92-93-(90)236ACA Football ticket prices for 1993
SR-92-93-(91)237ASCRA Course additions: CSD 212, 322, 325, 356, 449, 459, and 470
SR-92-93-(92)238LAA Support to include "sexual orientation" to the WV Human Rights Act and the WV Hate Crimes Bill
SR-92-93-(93)239LAA Support of legislation to bring TIAA-CREF retirement benefits into alignment with State Teachers Retirement System
SR-92-93-(94)240BLA Constitutional Change: Article IV, Section 6
SR-92-93-(95)241BLA Constitutional Change: Article VI, Section 4D
SR-92-93-(96)242ASCR/GRA Course Addition: PSC 421/521
SR-92-93-(97)243UFA Constitutional Change: Article VI, Section 16
SR-92-93-(98)244UFA Policy for awarding honorary degrees and recommending commencement speakers
SR-92-93-(99)245FSA Senate office to communicate to BOT endorsement of both MA & MS degrees in Geography
SR-92-93-(100)246FSA Support of HEAT recommendation allowing institutions check writing authority
SR-92-93-(101)247UFA Recommendation for additional honorary degree recipient for Spring 1993 commencement
SR-92-93-(102)248FSD Moratorium on tenure be rescinded and that all requests for tenure rejected on those grounds be reconsidered
SR-92-93-(103)249FSD Proposed guidelines for tenure are in violation of the Greenbook and cannot be considered binding
SR-92-93-(104)250FSA* Urges university president to send to BOT nomination for honorary degree (*Approved by the FS - University President would only read recommendation)
SR-92-93-(105)251ASCRD Endorsement of "No Overload Policy" (disapproved by University President)
SR-92-93-(106)252GRW Requirements for Graduate Faculty Membership
SR-92-93-(107)253GRA Change on page 25 of the GR Catalog
SR-92-93-(108)254GRA Change on page 16 of the GR Catalog concerning the use of animals and/or humans in GR Research
SR-92-93-(109)255GRA Change in description of the Doctoral Degree in BMS in the GR Catalog
SR-92-93-(110)256GRA Change in description of BMS program in GR Catalog
SR-92-93-(111)257GRW GR Dean to request that departmental chairs send out FAF to all GA applicants
SR-92-93-(112)258FSA (REVISED) Sexual Harassment Policy
SR-92-93-(113)259FSA Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures
SR-92-93-(114)260ACA Student Athlete Program be moved to Enrollment Management
SR-92-93-(115)261PFPCA To name Chemistry Library in honor of Dr. John Holland Hoback
SR-92-93-(116)262SCWA Process for achieving recognition for student groups not include SCW
SR-92-93-(117)263APCA Accreditation Policy
SR-92-93-(118)264APCA Merger of History Department and Social Studies
SR-92-93-(119)265GRA Course Deletion: HST 500
SR-92-93-(120)266GRA Course Addition: MUS 699 A, B, C, D
SR-92-93-(121)267ASCR/GRA Course Addition: ART 408/508
SR-92-93-(122)268ASCRA Course Addition: BUS 259 and Course Change: BUS 251
SR-92-93-(123)269ASCRA Course Additions: MGT 310, 330, 340, 410, 430, and 440
SR-92-93-(124)270ASCRD New Degree Program: BAS
SR-92-93-(125)271ASCRA Course Additions: JPN 101, 102, 203, and 204
SR-92-93-(126)272ASCRA Course Addition: ACC 360
SR-92-93-(127)273ASCRA Revised Withdrawal Policy [supercedes SR-90-91-(144)296 (ASCR)]
SR-92-93-(128)274FSA Appreciation and thanks to Robert Sawrey for service as President of the FS from 1991 to 1993