1993 - 1994

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The following is a key to the recommendation status: A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P = Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-93-94-1ACAStudent Athlete Requirements
SR-93-94-2FPCARevised Tenure Guidelines
SR-93-94-3ECAAcademic Affair's Response to Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure
SR-93-94-4LCAUniversity Administration Stabilize the 1993-94 Library Budget
SR-93-94-5AHCCA1994-95 University Calendar with Plan B for Spring
SR-93-94-6GRACourse Deletions: BIC 632 and 640
SR-93-94-7GRACourse Addition: BIC 628
SR-93-94-8GRACourse Additions: PHS 628 and 661
SR-93-94-9GRACourse Additions: HEC 670 and 673
SR-93-94-10ASCR/GRACourse Additions: MUS 450/550, 451/551 and 270/470/570
SR-93-94-11ACA1993-94 Budget for Athletic Dept.
SR-93-94-12FPCARevised Dates for New Promotion/Tenure Guidelines
SR-93-94-13FPCASelection, Role and Evaluation of Departmental Chairs
SR-93-94-14ISAAvailability of MU Offices to be Available to Answer Telephone
SR-93-94-15FST When VP for Academic Affairs creates "general definition" of the role of the chair referred to in SR-93-94-13 (FPC), it is to be submitted to the FS for deliberation and approval (tabled forever by the FS)
SR-93-94-16ASCRA Changes in Course Titles: HEC 314A and 314B
SR-93-94-17SCWA Sexual Assault Response Guarantee Policy
SR-93-94-18SCWA Policy on Education Records: Privacy Rights of Parents and Students
SR-93-94-19LAA Continued Support for HB 2232
SR-93-94-20LAA Support of SJR2 to allow higher education employees to serve in the Legislature
SR-93-94-21AHCCD Deadlines for submitting final grades
SR-93-94-22ECA Formation of an ad hoc day care implementation committee
SR-93-94-23UFA Nominations for Honorary Doctorate Degrees - 1994 Commencement
SR-93-94-24FSA FS President should communicate to all faculty about the timely submission of grades
SR-93-94-25LAA Proposed amendment to state code to allow for equal numbers@- of representatives from campus and non-campus constituencies for search and screening committees for candidates for the office of president of the various institutions
SR-93-94-26ASCRA Course Changes: CHM 307 and 327
SR-93-94-27ASCRA Course Additions: CSD 313, 333,338,345,367,409,419, 429,439,442,457,467,495, and 496
SR-93-94-28ASCRA Class Overload Policy
SR-93-94-29GRA Course Addition: EDF 625
SR-93-94-30GRA Course Addition: BSC 550
SR-93-94-31GRA Course Additions: NUR 632, 634 and 662
SR-93-94-32FSA Letter of intent to plan a new MS degree program in Forensic Science
SR-93-94-33GRA Change in the GR Catalog concerning admission to the GR School
SR-93-94-34ASCRA Course Additions: HEC 471 and 472
SR-93-94-35ASCRA Course Addition: MS 201
SR-93-94-36ASCRA Course Addition: MGT 360
SR-93-94-37ASCRA Course Additions: CT 120, 2 . 21, 230, 265, and 276 and Course Changes: CT 260 and 270
SR-93-94-38ASCRA Course Addition: ELT 110
SR-93-94-39ASCRA Course Additions: EGT 235, 240, 245 and 250 and Course Deletion: EGT 101
SR-93-94-40ASCRA Course Deletions: COM 122 and 132
SR-93-94-41ASCR/GRA Course Addition: SED 455/555
SR-93-94-42GRA Course Addition: ART 500
SR-93-94-43GRA Course Additions: PSY 520 and 635
SR-93-94-44ASCR/GRA Course Additions: GLY 456/556 and 457/557
SR-93-94-45ASCR/GRA Course Change: GEO 412/512
SR-93-94-46ASCR/GRA Course Addition: ENG 462/562 and Course Deletion: ENG 461/561
SR-93-94-47ASCR/GRA Course Additions: HST 304, 423/523, 440/540 and Course Deletion: HST 622
SR-93-94-48GRA Course Deletions: SOS 503, 580-584, 585-588, 591-94, 640, 679, and 681
SR-93-94-49FPCA Faculty Personnel File - Record of Access Form and procedures
SR-93-94-50APCA Letter of intent to plan an Associate in Science degree in Nursing
SR-93-94-51AHCA Change in membership of the Ad Hoc Committee on Day Care Implementation to include two Graduate students appointed by the GSC
SR-93-94-52RECA Guidelines for Salary Administration at MU (Executive Policy Bulletin No. 5)
SR-93-94-53FSA Opposition to SB 396 & HB 4109
SR-93-94-54ASCRA Course Addition: ART 200
SR-93-94-55ASCRA Course Deletions: SOS 104, 105, 106, 106H, 208H, 403, 480, 485, and 496H
SR-93-94-56ASCRA Course Addition: HST 435/535
SR-93-94-57ASCRA Change in the Academic Forgiveness Policy
SR-93-94-58ACA Athletic Committee - Areas of Emphasis
SR-93-94-59SCWA Support for the Continuation of Tuition Waivers for the SGA President and Vice-President
SR-93-94-60SCWA Name of Instructor must be listed in course schedule if known
SR-93-94-61APCA Procedures for approving new programs
SR-93-94-62FPCD Annual Evaluation of Deans Form (Postponed by the FS) (disapproved by the university president)
SR-93-94-63ECA Election Procedures for ACF Representative
SR-93-94-64ACA MU Policy concerning Complimentary Tickets for Student Athletes
SR-93-94-65ASCR/GRA Course Deletion: ENG 461/561
SR-93-94-66ASCRA Course Addition: HST 208 and Course Deletion: HST 201
SR-93-94-67ASCRA Course Additions: PSY 380 and 420
SR-93-94-68ASCRA Course Addition: ART 299
SR-93-94-69ASCRA Division Name Change from CISLS to Educational Leadership
SR-93-94-70ECA Classification of FS staff position should be classified as Administrative Assistant rather than Administrative Secretary Senior.
SR-93-94-71GRA Course Addition: EDA 742 and Course Change: EDA 740
SR-93-94-72GRA Course Addition: PHS 666
SR-93-94-73GRA Course Deletion: SOS 565
SR-93-94-74ACP Budget and Funding for the Student Athlete Program
SR-93-94-75FPCAFaculty Exit Interview Form
SR-93-94-76FPCARole and Responsibilities of Department Chairpersons
SR-93-94-77SCWARevisions to the Student Handbook
SR-93-94-78APCRConstitutional Change - APC Powers and Functions
SR-93-94-79SCWACatalog changes re health care
SR-93-94-80BAAStatement concerning possible staff cuts
SR-93-94-81GRACourse Additions: NUR 642, 644, 646, and 648
SR-93-94-82GRACourse Additions: BIC 675, 676 and 677
SR-93-94-83GRACourse Additions: MCB 675, 676 and 677
SR-93-94-84GRACourse Additions: PMC 675, 676 and 677
SR-93-94-85GRACourse Addition: EDF 565
SR-93-94-86ASCR/GRACourse Addition: HST 424/524
SR-93-94-87GRAEducation Specialist (Ed.S.) certificate be changed to an Ed.S. degree
SR-93-94-88ASCRACourse Deletions: SOS 481, 482,483,486,487,488,and 495H
SR-93-94-89ASCRACourse Changes: SED 373
SR-93-94-90ASCRA Course Addition: PE 405
SR-93-94-91ASCRA Course Addition: NUR 428
SR-93-94-92ASCRA Course Additions: ELT 11 1, 121, 131, 141, 211, 221, 231, and 241
SR-93-94-93ASCRA New Degree Program: AAS - Allied Health Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
SR-93-94-94ASCRA Standardized use of terms: degree program, major and area of emphasis
SR-93-94-95GRA New Degree Program: Master's in Forensic Sciences
SR-93-94-96FSA Establishes an Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Grading System
SR-93-94-97FSA Support of the proposed tuition and fee increases
SR-93-94-98ECA Support of document titled "MU Special Task Force on the Baccalaureate Degree Spring 1994" dated May 2, 1994
SR-93-94-99PFPCA Request for action concerning parking lot maintenance
SR-93-94-100ACA Athletic Department Budget for fiscal year 1994-95
SR-93-94-101GRA Change in GR Catalog concerning validation of courses
SR-93-94-102GRAGRE requirements for a student pursing a second master's degree
SR-93-94-103GRAGR Catalog Change concerning Admission to the Graduate School
SR-93-94-104ASCR/APCALetter of Intent to Plan a Associate of Applied Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy Technology (Cooperative Program)
SR-93-94-105ASCRPFaculty signatures are no longer required in order for students to drop a course (Postpone indefinitely by the FS)
SR-93-94-106ASCRDTextbook Policy
SR-93-94-107FSASupport of Day Care