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The following is a key to the recommendation status: A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P=Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee.

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-95-96-1GRA Recommends that the following courses be changed, deleted, and added: MCB 643, MCB 645, and MCB 648
SR-95-96-2GRA Recommends that the following courses be changed: ACB 641, and ACB 643
SR-95-96-3GRA Recommends that the following course be added: BIC 643
SR-95-96-4GRARecommends that the following course be changed: PMC 635
SR-95-96-5CCARecommends that the new forms guidelines for the change, addition, and deletion of courses be approved.
SR-95-96-6GRARecommends that the following course be added: HST 601
SR-95-96-7GRARecommends the following course changes: PMC 620, PMC 637
SR-95-96-8GRA Recommends the following course change: BMS 630
SR-95-96-9GRA Recommends the following course change: PHS 637
SR-95-96-10GRA Recommends the following course change: ACB 637
SR-95-96-11UFA Recommends nominees for honorary degrees for May 1996 Commencement
SR-95-96-12GRA Recommends a proposal for a new master's degree in Technology Management
SR-95-96-13CCA Recommends the addition of ENG 410 and ENG 412
SR-95-96-14CCA Recommends the addition of HST 317
SR-95-96-15CCA Recommends the addition of MGT 150
SR-95-96-16BAPCRRecommends that a course overload policy be established and that course overloads be granted by department chairs and division heads.
SR-95-96-17FSARecommends that nominee be reconsidered as a candidate for an honorary degree at the May 1996 Commencement.
SR-95-96-18GRARecommends the following course changes: MGT 601 and MGT 674.
SR-95-96-19GRARecommends the addition of ENG 410/510 and ENG 412/512
SR-95-96-20GRARecommends the addition of the EDF 617 with a provision that the course title be "Applied Multiple Regression Analysis for Educational Research."
SR-95-96-21APCARecommends the approval of intent to plan a B.S. Degree in Environmental Science.
SR-95-96-22SCWARecommends that the wording in the Student Handbook, pg. 114 [Public Communication Demonstrations & Gatherings] Item 1, be changed.
SR-95-96-23BAPCARecommends that a modification to the current withdrawer policy be changed.
SR-95-96-24CCARecommends that MTH 131 be changed to MTH 229; and the addition of MTH 132.
SR-95-96-25CCARecommends changing the title of ART 219; and the addition of ART 342.
SR-95-96-26CCARecommends that RST 150 be changed to RST 250.
SR-95-96-27CCARecommends that CL 150 be changed to CL 250,
SR-95-96-28CCARecommends that PHL 250 be changed PHL 250.
SR-95-96-29CCARecommends that the following courses be approved: PE 290, PE 430, and PE 475.
SR-95-96-30CCARecommends the deletion of PLS 31 0 and the addition of PLS 411.
SR-95-96-31FSARecommends that the Faculty Senate endorse and support food collections for the City Mission in the future.
SR-95-96-32FPCA Recommends approval of salary policy recommendations.
SR-95-96-33PFPCA Recommends that the site between Fifth and Sixth Avenues on Elm Street be reserved permanently for future for future phases of the Fine and Performing Arts Center.
SR-95-96-34PFPCA Recommends that teaching assistants should be issued faculty parking permits, and teaching and graduate assistants should be issued temporary unloading permits.
SR-95-96-35PFPCA Recommends that the memory and legacy of Larry Bruce, Jr. be commemorated by naming the new SGA laboratory in his honor.
SR-95-96-36RCDRecommends that the discretion of each college or school whose faculty choose to do so by a majority vote of those voting, up to 15% of indirect cost from research grants that allow for overhead costs to be distributed to the Morrow and Health Science Libraries.
SR-95-96-37ISA Recommends that the faculty support the change proposed by the Advisory Council of faculty to amend Policy Bulletin 20 so that faculty members can assign + or - grades to undergraduates.
SR-95-96-38SCWA Recommends an addition to the University Student Handbook - "Vehicles on Campus"
SR-95-96-39SCWA Recommends an amendment to Penalties for Computer Abuse section of the University Policies of the Student Handbook.
SR-95-96-40SCWA Recommends an amendment to the Code of Conduct, Section VII Emergency Authority (pg.97)
SR-95-96-41AHCCA Recommends approval of proposals for the 1997-1998 Calendar.
SR-95-96-42CCA Recommends that HST 331 be changed to HST 231; that HST 330 be changed to HST 230; that HST 203 be changed to HST 303.
SR-95-96-43CCA Recommends the addition of MUS 2253/453.
SR-95-96-44CCA Recommends the following changes to WS 1 01; Change in title, alpha designator and number.
A Recommends approval of Interim Executive Policy Bulletin No. 10.
A Recommends changes and approval of Interim Executive Policy Bulletin No. 9.
SR-95-96-47CCA Recommends the addition of MTH 130E.
SR-95-96-48LCA Recommendation concerning space at the new Health Science Library and the Morrow Library.
SR-95-96-49CCA Recommends the deletion of CR 406, 414, 428, 440, 446, and 448; along with the change in title of CR 474.
SR-95-96-50CCA Recommends the approval of a B.S. Degree in Integrated Science and Technology.
SR-95-96-51FPCA Recommends that librarians be covered by Executive Policy Bulletin #5.
SR-95-96-52ISA Recommends that the name of the College of Education be changed to the College of Education and Human Services.
SR-95-96-53CCA Recommends approval of course changes THE 255, 260, 261, 350, 360, 450 and 460.
SR-95-96-54CCARecommends approval of course changes to CMM 311.
SR-95-96-55CCARecommends approval of course change, deletion, and addition of the following courses: PE 121, 260, and 350.
SR-95-96-56CCARecommends approval of the B.S. Degree in Environmental Science.
SR-95-96-57GRARecommends the approval of changing the name of Counseling & Rehabilitation to Counseling.
SR-95-96-58ECRRecommends that the University Policy regarding minors be changed to accommodate interdisciplinary minors.
SR-95-96-59GRARecommends the deletion and change of the following courses: CR 514, 515, 516, 655, 676, 540, 546, 548, 574 and 656.
SR-95-96-60GRARecommends approval of the following course additions: PE 430/530, 475/575, and PLS 411/511.
SR-95-96-61GRARecommends approval of the following course addition: BMS 614.
SR-95-96-62GRARecommends the following course additions: TM 600 and 610.
SR-95-96-63FPCARecommends approval of the Marshall University Phased Retirement Agreement.
SR-95-96-64ECARecommends approval of the Summer School Proposal.
SR-95-96-65PFPCARecommends that the new Library/Information Center should be named the "John Deaver Drinko Library and Information Center."
SR-95-96-66ISARecommends approval of RESOLUTION that the Faculty Senate urge (1) that the Parking Office abide by the published parking policy and (2) if policy changes are thought to be desirable that proposals be presented to the Faculty Senate through appropriate channels.