1998 - 1999

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The following is a key to the recommendation status: A = Recommendation was approved; D = Recommendation was disapproved; P = Recommendation was postponed to a later meeting date; R = Recommendation was referred back to committee; W = Recommendation was withdrawn by the senate or committee.

Recommendation Number Committee of Origin Status Recommendation Summary
SR-98-99-(1) 60SCWCARecommends that the current Student Handbook policy on pages 115-116 concerning Alcohol/Beer/Marketing be amended to include Alcohol/Beer/Tobacco/Marketing.
SR-98-99-(2) 61ECARecommended approval of Changes to Faculty Workloads or Teaching Loads. Any changes in a faculty member's designated teaching load or designated workload shall be carried out only after good-faith negotiations have been conducted between the head of the given academic unit and the affected faculty member or members. Such negotiations shall be conducted in a timely manner and prior to the issuance of a formal contract. Designated teaching loads and workloads shall follow the guidelines of Administrative Policy Bulletin 26 and Executive Policy Bulletin #1. Faculty members may negotiate hours in teaching load, research hours, service to the university and community service when factoring a workload which remains inside the confines of a work week as outlined in APB #26.
SR-98-99-(3) 62APCARecommends that the proposed amendment to the admissions policy for non-degree students be approved as proposed to the committee with a recommendation that Dr. James Harless (Director of Admissions) forward a rationale for this amendment to the Faculty Senate.
SR-98-99-(4) 63APCRRecommends that the proposed admission policy for Marshall University effective Fall Semester 1999 be passed on to the Faculty Senate with listed recommendations. (Please request that a full copy of the recommendation be mailed to you from the Faculty Senate Office).
SR-98-99-(4) 63RBAPC & APCDRecommends that Proposed Admission Policy [SR-98-99-(4) 63 (APC)] be approved with changes. (Disapproved by the Faculty Senate).
SR-98-99-(5) 64BAPCARecommendation to approve the proposal for Revising the Academic Calendar Process with the following amendment in item #3 (bold/italicized print). (Request that a copy of actual recommendation be mailed to you).
SR-98-99-(6) 65ECARecommends approval of Policy on Admissions for Fall Term, 1999.
SR-98-99-(7) 66LCARecommends that the proposed Library Policy Board become integrated into the existing Library Committee; and that any constitutional changes for the inclusion of new members be addressed at the appropriate time; and that the charge of the committee not include advising library staff on day to day operations.
SR-98-99-(8) 67CCARecommends approval of the following course changes in the College of Liberal Arts: SOC 460, SPN 101-102, SPN 112, SPN 203, PSC 325, PSC 326, and PSC 431.
SR-98-99-(9) 68CCARecommends approval of the following course changes in the College of Education & Human Services: CI 415/515, PLS 350, PLS 441-E/541-E, FCS 112, FCS 351, CI 428, 467, 468, 469, 473, 474, 476, 477, 478, 479, FCS 305, 420, and 450.
SR-98-99-(10) 69CCARecommends approval of the following course addition in the College of Nursing & Health Professions: CLS 310.
SR-98-99-(11) 70CCARecommends approval of the following course changes in the Lewis College of Business: MIS 207, ECN 475, MS 251, and MS 351.
SR-98-99-(11) 70ACCARecommends approval of the following addition to the Lewis College of Business curriculum: The approval of the addition of a Business Science and Technology Major.
SR-98-99-(12) 71CCARecommends approval of the following course changes in the College of Science: BSC 410/510, BSC 411/511, BSC 445/545, BSC 446/546, ISC 206, ISC 207, MTH 127, MTH 130, MTH 132, and MTH 301.
SR-98-99-(13) 72BAPCARecommends approval of the following proposal: Definition of a Minor.
SR-98-99-(14) 73CCARecommends approval of the following course addition in the College of Liberal Arts: HST 230H.
SR-98-99-(15) 74ISARecommends that the senate support a resolution of concern dealing with the Department of Biological Sciences.
SR-98-99-(16) 75ISAResolution recommending approval to create a faculty senate liaison to AFT.
SR-98-99-(17) 76APCARecommends approval of the independent status of the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism & Mass Communications. The school will no longer be a part of the College of Liberal Arts. The Dean will report directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
SR-98-99-(18) 77ECAResolution to seek the endorsement of the Faculty Senate for creation of a campus based, Marshall University Wellness Program. It is understood this PEIA program will not incur substantial costs to the university until after the second year of its implementation. The Senate shall review the program prior to the third year of implementation.
SR-98-99-(19) 78ISARecommends that the Faculty Senate support a bill which is designed to bring TIAA-CREF benefits into parity with the new defined contribution State Teachers Retirement System which would change employer contributions from 6 to 7 1/2 percent and reduce employee contributions from 6 to 4 1/2 percent.
SR-98-99-(20) 79ISRRecommends that the Faculty Senate urge Dr. Gilley to review and revise his decision to refuse reassigned time (MUAFT lobbyist, Rainey Duke).
SR-98-99-(21) 80ISAResolution that the Health Science Library come under the charge of the Library Policy Board so that issues can be more easily resolved.
SR-98-99-(22) 81LCW (tabled)Recommends that only bound journals in Drinko and Morrow Libraries be allowed to circulate outside the library to be returned by the end of business the following day; that periodicals be checked out by faculty in person with their id's; and, that implementation of this policy occur within one month of its final approval. (Was tabled by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 2/26/99).
SR-98-99-(23) 82CCARecommends approval of the following course additions and changes: ART 335, ART 457, MUS 339, MUS 429, MUS 338, and MUS 340.
SR-98-99-(24) 83CCARecommends approval of the following course additions/changes/deletions in the College of Education & Human Services: SED 453, FCS 440, CI 442, PLS 442, SED 458, ATE 489, ATE 495, FCS 306A, FCS 406, FCS 202A, FCS 213, FCS 314A, FCS 212A, FCS 354A, FCS 110B, CI 449, FCS 212B, FCS 213A & B, FCS 270, FCS 314B, FCS 351B, FCS 306B, FCS 354B, FCS 466, FCS 428, FCS 490, FCS 444A & 444B, FCS 406A & 406B, FCS 427, and FCS 307.
SR-98-99-(25) 84CCARecommends approval of the following course deletions in the School of Journalism & Mass Communications: JMC 230 and JMC 250.
SR-98-99-(26) 85CCARecommends approval of the following course additions in the College of Liberal Arts: ENG 465 and HST 200.
SR-98-99-(27) 86CCARecommends approval of the following course changes/additions in the College of Science: BSC 302, BSC 304, MTH 101, and MTH 106.
SR-98-99-(28) 87CCARecommends approval of the following course additions in the College of Science: IST 260, 280, 281, 282, 283, 301, 320, 321, 322, 323, 420, 421, 424, 425, 480, 481, 482, 483, 485, 486, 487, 488, 490, 491, 495H, 496H, ES 322, 323, and 425.
SR-98-99-(29) 88CCARecommends approval of the following course addition/changes in the College of Education & Human Services: PE 275, CI 342, COUN 370, 475, and 490.
SR-98-99-(30) 89CCARecommends approval of the following COURSE ADDITIONS/DELETIONS/CHANGES in the College of Liberal Arts: ENG 419, WS 480-483, WS 485-488, JPN 485-488, ENG 326, HST 430.
SR-98-99-(31) 90CCARecommends approval of the following COURSE ADDITIONS AND CHANGES in the College of Fine Arts: MUS 426 and MUS 342.
SR-98-99-(32) 91CCARecommends approval of the following COURSE ADDITIONS AND CHANGES in the College of Education & Human Services: COUN 471, PE 440; and program changes in the English Language Arts 5-12 English major.
SR-98-99-(33) 92CCARecommends approval of the following COURSE CHANGE in the School of Medicine: SWK 475.
SR-98-99-(34) 93SCWDRecommends that the university change its smoking policy so that smoking and tobacco use may occur only in designated areas that are at least 10 yards away from any building. Further, it is recommended that ashtrays be available at all designated sites; that university....... (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE WHOLE DOCUMENT NOTIFY THE SENATE OFFICE AT -4376 AND REFER TO RECOMMENDATION NUMBER). Was disapproved by the university president
SR-98-99-(35) 94SCWARecommends that Marshall University grant the Dean of Student Affairs the authority to determine when and by what means to notify parents or guardians when students under the age of 21 are found to have committed serious or repeated violations of university policies related to the possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or drugs......
SR-98-99-(36) 95SCWRRecommendation dealing with the display of beer, alcohol and tobacco products advertising which says that prior to the initiation of a new contract with ISP the sign/logo or display advertising the name of Budweiser should be removed.......
SR-98-99-(37) 96SCWARecommendation concerning Student Health Services.
SR-98-99-(38) 97UFARecommends recipient (s) of honorary degree at the 1999 commencement. CONFIDENTIAL RECOMMENDATION.