Budget & Academic Policy Committee

The Budget and Academic Policy Committee shall assume the primary responsibility for the development of policies that contribute to the maintenance of academic standards in the university. The committee's responsibility shall include, but not be limited to, policies affecting the university calendar, the university budget, academic honesty, class attendance, grading and examinations. The committee shall process student academic appeals.



Lang Reynolds (Chair) Theatre CAM 2017
Kelly Harlow (Recording Secretary) Communication Disorders COHP 2015
Carl Mummert Liaison FS 2016
Jean Price Accountancy & Legal Environment COB 2015
Jingping Zhang IT-OLL ULIB 2015
Kathy Seelinger Scool of Education COEPD 2015
Jeff Huffman Engineering CITE 2015
Caroline Perkins Classical Studies & Modern Languages COLA 2016
Tracy LeGrow Psychiatry SOM 2015
Kim Broedel-Zaugg Pharmacy Practice SOP 2015
Elmer Price replacing Guo-Zhang Zhu for sabbatical Biological Sciences COS 2015
Caitlin Grimes SGA Representative Student 2015


Carol Hurula Classified Staff Council Representative
TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
Sherri Smith Interim Associate VP Academic Affairs
Brandi Jacob-Jones Sr. Vice President Finance & Administration