Library Committee

The Library Committee shall advise the Dean of Libraries on matters of library policy; review the administration of the libraries; carry out studies relating to library functions; and serve as a liaison between the faculty at large, the Faculty Senate, and the university libraries.

Clair Roudebush (Chair) Safety Technology CITE 2016
Paris Webb (Recording Secretary) Library ULIB 2016
Thom Walker Liaison FS 2014
Edna Meisel Elementary & Secondary Education @ MUGC COEPD 2016
Julie Robinson Health Science Library SOM 2015
Ari Aluthge Mathematics COS 2015
Natsuki Anderson Modern Languages COLA 2015
Rob Stanton Pharmacy Practice SOP 2015
Deepak Subedi Management & Marketing COB 2015
Miyuki Cook Art & Design CAM 2015
Jennifer Perry Clinical Lab Science COHP 2015
Vacant SGA Representative Student 2014

TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
Monica Brooks Assistant VP for Information Technology
Christine Lewis Acquisitions Librarian/Technical Services Team Leader
Kelli Johnson Digital Learning Librarian/Reference & Inst Services Team Leader
Nat DeBruin Archivist
Edward Dzierzak Director of Health Science Libraries