Physical Facilities & Planning Committee

The Physical Facilities and Planning Committee shall consider policies relating to the maintenance, utilization, and improvement of existing facilities; to planning for existing and anticipated needs, including priority of major capital improvement in accordance with the university's mission statement; to review and revise policies related to campus parking regulations; and to the performance of such duties as the University President and/or the Faculty Senate Chair may assign.

Steve Mewaldt (Chair) Psychology COLA 2016
Jonathan Lent (Recording Secretary) Counseling COEPD 2016
David Cartwright Liaison FS 2016
Paris Webb Library ULIB 2015
Paulus Wahjudi Engineering CITE 2015
Kelli Williams Dietetics COHP 2015
Maria Babiuc-Hamilton Physics COS 2015
Frederick Bartolovic Art & Design CAM 2017
Hasan Koc Pharmaceutical Sciences SOP 2015
Doohee Lee Management COB 2015
Alan Koester Orthopedics SOM 2015
Lisa Williamson Classified Staff Council Representative Classified Staff 2014
Kristin Stevens SGA Representative Student 2015

TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
Karen Kirtley Sr. Vice President for Finance & Administration