Student Conduct & Welfare Committee

The Student Conduct and Welfare Committee is concerned with the responsibility for the general and specific well being of students. It shall be the function of the committee to consider and recommend policies relating to the coordination and regulation of student organizations, social events, and other related activities; academic conduct of students; advisory and counseling program; health services; financial aid, including loans and scholarships; student housing; orientation and new student program; student development program; and student publications. It shall also strive to protect the rights of students. It is the responsibility of the committee to maintain and improve an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of academic goals.



Gang Chen Engineering CITE 2015
Chris Booth Pharmacy Practice SOP 2018
Hilary Brewster Liaison FS 2016
Harold Blanco Educational Foundations COEPD 2015
Elaine Lau Management/Marketing/MIS COB 2018
Marie Veitia Psychiatry SOM 2015
Sabrina Thomas IT-OLL ULIB 2015
Julio Alves Music CAM 2017
Tom Jones Integrated Science & Technology COS 2015
Jess Morrisette Political Science COLA 2016
Paige Dodrill SGA Representative Student 2015
Amanda Schwartz SGA Representative Student 2015
Brandon Wear SGA Representative Student 2015
Emily Wood SGA Representative Student 2015
Lexy Repp SGA Representative Student 2015
Nick Uliana SGA Representative Student 2015

Tanya Ramsey Classified Staff Council Representative
TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
Steve Hensley Dean, Student Affairs