University Functions Committee

This committee will have responsibilities in the areas of commencement and honorary degrees, faculty service, and public relations. The committee shall recommend policies relating to presidential inaugurations and commencement activities, including the selection of a commencement speaker. The committee's recommendations in these matters shall be transmitted to the Faculty Senate for review and approval. The committee shall establish a subcommittee to recommend candidates for honorary degrees. The membership of the subcommittee shall be in compliance with Administrative Policy Bulletin #24 with representation from the faculty, staff, administration, students (both undergraduate and graduate), the Alumni Association, and the Marshall University Institutional Board of Governors. The subcommittee shall forward its recommendations to the committee for review and approval. Following its review of the subcommittee's recommendations, the recommendations of the committee shall be transmitted to the Faculty Senate for its review and approval. The committee will collect an annual contribution from the faculty and administration to defray costs of expressions of sympathy, congratulations, and so forth. It will assist in the planning and sponsorship of activities to honor retiring faculty. This committee shall also consider matters relating to public relations. In this function it will assist the University President in any appropriate way to represent the university to the community at large.



John Winfrey (Chair) Physics COS 2015
Jeff Garrett (Recording Secretary) Counseling COEPD 2016
Tina Cartwright Liaison FS 2016
Tamara Gravano Physical Therapy COHP 2015
Iyad Hijazi Engineering CITE 2015
Dale Shao Management & Marketing COB 2015
Tom Linz Psychology @ MUGC COLA 2015
Ellen Thompson Cardiology SOM 2015
Chris Gillette Pharmacy Practice SOP 2015
Lynne Edington Library @ MUGC ULIB 2015
Solen Dikener Music CAM 2015
Dan Kline SGA Representative Student 2015


Nancy Tresch-Reneau Classified Staff Council Representative
TO BE ELECTED GSC Representative
Gayle Ormiston Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Brandi Jacobs-Jones Senior Vice President for Operations/Chief of Staff