University Curriculum Committee Agendas/Meeting Minutes Archive

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Items on this Particular Agenda:
Type of RequestDescriptionCollegeStatus
Major AdditionAmended BS BiomechanicsHealth ProfessionsApproved by UCC
Course AdditionAmended HON 488HonorsApproved by UCC
Course ChangeCJ 406 FormLiberal ArtsApproved by UCC
Course ChangeANT 465Liberal ArtsApproved by UCC
Course ChangeANT 362Liberal ArtsApproved by UCC
Course ChangeCJ 406Liberal ArtsApproved by UCC
Major ChangeIST Major ChangeScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 150ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 261ScienceApproved by UCC
Course ChangeIST 447ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 454ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 457ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 461ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 462ScienceApproved by UCC
Course ChangeIST 463ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionIST 467ScienceApproved by UCC
Course AdditionPS 220ScienceApproved by UCC
Major AdditionAmended Dig. Foren. Inf Assur.ScienceApproved by UCC