Huntington Area Food Bank

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Marshall University’s Student Government Association held an event last Wednesday Oct. 3, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. between the Student Center and Drinko Library.

The event was hosted by Marshall University Student Government Association (SGA) in hopes to raise money and cans of food for donation. As well as awareness for the first annual Marshall University Food Pantry.

Student Body Vice President, Aja Smith said the event was a major success and she hopes to improve on it in preparation for next year’s, “Dunk Tank.”

“The Dunk Tank raised $188 and 94 cans of food which will be donated to the Huntington Area Food Bank. We couldn’t have done any of this without the help from all of our dunkees, volunteers, and participants,” said Smith.

The cost for the event was to either donate at least $1 or 1 can of food towards Huntington Area Food Bank. Many on campus students came out to the Memorial Student Center plaza to release some stress on a small target with a ball, for a good cause.

The SGA and Office of Community Engagement will be partnering with the Huntington Area Food Bank to establish Marshall’s first Food Pantry to benefit disadvantaged students. Pending space availability, the Pantry should be opened in the Spring term.

Coaches, students, faculty members, and many others were all participants in the successful outcome for this great cause that took place last week.

Participants would switch over every 30 minutes sitting inside of the dunk tank for the entire four hour block. The largest donation of cans was made while Student Body President, Ray Harrell was in the tank.

Smith said she was happy to see many people come out to donate, participate, and even witness the event. “I was glad to say this was our first ever donation made to the Huntington Area Food Bank in preparation for opening our own Pantry, and it was a large one at that,” Smith said.