Veteran’s Luncheon

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Marshall University’s Student Government Association will be hosting a Veteran’s only luncheon for current and former Marshall University student’s who were enlisted in the military.

Veterans Affairs Liaison, Dustin Murphy is an Iraqi War Veteran who served from March 2005-March 2009. He said this opportunity is a great way for Veteran’s here at Marshall to get the help and advice they need.

“We want all the Veterans to come to the free luncheon that will be hosted by the Marshall University Student Government and partnered with Kelly Sweetman with the office of Military Affairs,” Murphy said.

Murphy anticipates on seeing a lot of Marshall’s Veteran’s at the luncheon. “I am anxious to get this message out there so the Veteran’s know we hear their voice and we plan to help,” he said.

Murphy will be hosting the free Marshall Veteran’s student luncheon will be from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15, in the basement of the Memorial Student Center, room BE5.

The primary purpose for the luncheon is to educate Veterans who attend Marshall about some of the benefits they can receive from the VA. For instance trips, recreational activities, and many other details or information that Veterans may not be aware of.

This meeting will become the foundation for forming a new Student Organization, that will be labeled the, “Veteran’s Council.” This council will address any Veteran issues in anyway possible.

The Veteran’s Council will serve as a bridge to help with Veteran’s benefits (DAV and PVA), classroom issues, career planning and community connections to help get jobs, and anything that is beneficial for Veteran’s here at Marshall.