Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting

New Orleans, LA- This past week students at Marshall University, from the Behavioral Neuroscience Research Lab, Psychology Department, and Medical School at Marshall University attended the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Marshall University Student Government Association’s (MUSGA) very own Athletics Liaison, Ashley Lyons attended the society’s annual meeting.

Presentations began at 8 am and ran until 5 pm every day. Every evening around 7 pm there was a social event for the students that were able to meet scientists in the field of their study, or one they might be interested in.

This international conference had a huge showing in attendance and attracted approximately 32,000 neuroscientists and over 17,000 presentations.

Members of Dr. Brian Antonsen’s Behavioral Neuroscience lab presented an outreach poster discussing the annual brain awareness expo held at Marshall, and some of the current research in the lab.

Athletics Liaison on MUSGA, Ashley Lyons said this conference provided the undergraduates with an unbelievable experience. “We were able to see, read and hear about the latest and greatest research going on in the neuroscience community,” Lyons said.

The conference provided students with experiences that were unrivaled by any obtainable in the classroom. “Students were able to meet the scientists that preform the research they read about. I was honored to meet and listen to lectures from these leading scientists,” Lyons said.

Lyons says that coming from rural West Virginia where many students can be rather be intimidated by science, it was amazing for her to have the opportunity to engage in intellectual conversation at all hours of the day.

“Just walking down the street you would hear conversations relating to proteins, enzymes, model organisms, and research they saw yesterday. Everyone was interested in science it was like I was in my own paradise,” Lyons said.

Lyons wanted to acknowledge Marshall University’s Undergraduate Biology and Math grant, PI: Dr. Marcia Harrison, for funding all of her travels this past week.