SGA revamps website, goes digital – MU Parthenon


The Parthenon

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013


The Student Government Association at Marshall University will be going digital with a new website that includes senate seat applications, funding applications for groups and organizations on campus and an archive of the SGA meeting minutes.

“The website was already created,” EJ Hassan, president pro-tempore, said. “I helped to revamp it to provide more services for the student body.”

Hassan played a big role in preparing the website. He said he spent all summer making the website available for use during the 2012 fall semester. Both senate applications and funding applications are now submitted online.

“This is important because now the only way you can apply for funding is through the website,” Hassan said. “Before, there was a lot of unnecessary paperwork and this helps to streamline the process so groups and organizations on campus can get their money faster.”

Another new feature the website offers is an archive of documents.

“The student body can now see what the senate is doing,” Hassan said. “What’s on the agenda for the coming week, what we did last week, what was approved and what was denied. Anything they need to know about the senate is now on the website.”



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