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Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013


The Student Government Association will reach out to the student body to fill 43 empty seats in the Student Senate.

The SGA is made up of the executive branch, the student senate and the Senate Apprenticeship Program. According to their website, anyone who is not a first semester freshman can apply and fill a senate seat. First semester freshman must apply and complete the Senate Apprenticeship Program first.

“Either way, we still need students to know how important it is to be represented in student government,” E.J. Hassan, president pro tempore, said.

The requirements for joining can be found on the SGA website.

“It is easier than ever to sign up for student senate,” Hassan said. “Especially now, with the new website and all applications being online.”

Nick Chancey, parliamentarian and chairman of the judiciary committee, said the idea of the student senate is to have all students from all colleges on campus represented.

“By not filling those seats, the student body does not get represented,” Chancey said. “And by not representing people in the student body, we can not effectively serve them.”

Cassie Smith, a communication disorders major, said she never thought about joining the student senate because she is already part of other clubs and organizations.

“I am secretary of NSSLHA, an organization in my major,” Smith said. “Between that and my schoolwork, I don’t think I’d have enough time to add something else to my plate.”

Hassan and Chancey both said they realize the SGA is not the only organization on campus and do not want to discourage students from joining clubs they are most interested in.

“I just want students to realize that the student senate provides the opportunity for students to change their campus,” Hassan said. “Even if you have a lot going on, or you’re not interested — maybe you have a friend that might want to join.”

Hassan said communication is key when it comes to making things work.



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