SGA, students prepare for firearm forum – MU Parthenon


The Parthenon

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Student Government Association will sponsor a firearms forum in the Marshall University Memorial Student Center.

Robert Bookwalter, dean of the college of education, will lead the panel discussion about recent crimes in the area, police response, current gun regulations and the history of gun rights in America. The panel members will consist of Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, Chief of Campus Police Jim Terry, Marshall University Faculty and members of the State Legislature.

Adam Fridley, the SGA chief of staff, said there would be a question and answer session for students and members of the audience to ask questions or give general feedback after the panel discussion.

“It’s important to provide an opportunity to get feedback before making a decision that will affect our campus and student body,” Fridley said.
Steve Hensley, dean of student affairs, said he supports the open forum format.

“I think the student government is better off debating and talking about issues in an open forum,” Hensley said. “Talking about issues is a good way to learn, understand and share our points of view.”

Hensley said he thinks the role of student government is to promote an interchange of ideas.

“We held a discussion on tobacco where people came to express their views for student government to consider when making a decision,” Hensley said. “Some were happy and some weren’t happy, but everyone got an opportunity to express their views and I think that’s what a democracy is all about.”

John Price, senior political science major, said he is glad the forum is taking place.



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