Student Government elections begin – MU Parthenon


The Parthenon

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Marshall University Student Government elections are officially underway. Wednesday, all students planning to run for student body president and student senate filed for candidacy at the Memorial Student Center.

Every spring, elections are held and students vote for a president and vice president. According to the SGA website, the requirements to become student body president include serving a full term, which is two semesters. Students file for office, elections are two weeks after that and then the elected officials take office in April.

Ray Harrell Jr., who is graduating in May, has been a part of the SGA for the past four years and served as president for the past two.

Harrell said it will be bitter sweet for him to leave office, but he is hopeful for the future SGA leaders.

“Overall, I’m very satisfied with the progress that we made over the past two years,” Harrell said. “At inauguration last year, Dr. Kopp said himself that he’s never had such a strong relationship between his office and student government before, and I think that really speaks to how effective we’ve been and how effective the organization can continue to be in the future.”

Ray Cousins, election commissioner, said the candidates can expect a hectic two weeks of campaigning. He said they are planning to have two debates and a meet and greet for the candidates.

Harrell said the most important thing for future SGA staff to remember is keeping constant communication with the student body.


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