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The Parthenon

Published: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adam Fridley, chairman of the State Advisory Council of Students, is on the agenda at the Capitol, Thursday, to go to bat one last time for students attending public higher education institutions in West Virginia. Earlier this year, the State Advisory Council of Students started a petition asking the legislative and executive branches to exclude public schools from the proposed $34 million in budget cuts.
“Our elected officials have indicated that they intend to place the burden of the state’s shortfalls on the very individuals who will be entrusted with the future wellbeing of our great State,” Fridley said. “As a result of these cuts, our colleges and universities will have no other option than to raise our tuition, yet again.”

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin informed all state agencies this year that they should plan for a 7.5 percent cut to their respective budgets. Fridley said it could mean around a $5 million cut in Marshall’s budget.

Fridley, along with other members of the council, has been trying to fight the cut since February. He drafted the petition, which outlines reasons higher education should be exempt.

“This continued cost shift onto my fellow students and me has resulted in increased student loan debt, the pricing out of less fortunate students and even decreased classroom performance as a result of more students being forced to work part or full-time in order to pay for their degrees and living expenses,” Fridley said.

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