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HUNTINGTON — The Marshall University Student Senate approved a resolution Monday night that clears up some misinformation about the departmental revenue sweeps and budgetary issues, encourages the university community to move forward and requests that any tuition and fee increases be reasonable.

The two-page resolution also details what’s happened on campus since April 9, when the administration authorized a sweep of all departmental revenue accounts, which led to an outcry from deans, faculty and staff. President Stephen Kopp apologized a week later, then encouraged the board of governors to table new budget parameters during the April 18 meeting in an effort to rebuild trust on campus.

However, the faculty senate met the following day to propose a resolution for a vote of no confidence. The non-binding vote started April 24 and ends Tuesday, April 30. The vote was scheduled to begin May 1, but was moved up last week. Results could come Wednesday, following the general faculty meeting on Tuesday, April 30.

Outgoing student body president Ray Harrell, along with E.J. Hassan, the incoming student body president, and Adam Fridley, the chief of staff for the Student Government Association, said it was important for the Student Senate to take a stance and be the voice for the 14,000 other students at Marshall.

“The students did not seem to be the main part of the conversation (at the Faculty Senate meeting), and that was something we were very disappointed about,” Hassan said, noting that students were not allowed to speak.


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