Letter from Student Body President E.J. Hassan – MU Parthenon

Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My fellow students,
As many of you are well aware, our beloved university has gone through a period of disarray as we begin to face the imminent financial cuts from the State of West Virginia to Higher Education and particularly Marshall University. I would like to address several points in regards to the actions that have transpired in recent weeks as well as how we as a University can move forward.

On Monday April 29, the Marshall University Student Senate passed a Resolution titled “Student Government Association Position on Budgetary Matters Facing the University”. The legislation was drafted in a collaborative fashion by both my and outgoing President Ray Harrell, Jr.’s Executive Cabinets, respectively; received input directly from the Executives of the Student Senate; and subsequently passed by the full Student Senate on Monday evening.

Several points were addressed in this legislation, many of which I believe reflect the sentiments conveyed by the Board of Governors and the Administration. While we believe that this resolution took all opinions and concerns into account, the message of this legislation is clear: it is time that WE, as a university, unify in the effort to focus our discussions on minimizing the effect that these cuts will have on student tuition increases, above all else.

On behalf of the student body, I would like to personally extend my gratitude to Board of Governors Chairman Dr. Joseph Touma, as well as the rest of the Board, for their commitment to the main constituency of Marshall University, the students, as well as the Administration’s collaborative approach to solving the issues that we currently face at this great university. As we move forward, I am eager to begin the process of working with the Administration, faculty, and staff in order to find solutions to the issues that we currently face, as well as any others that may arise. I also look forward to receiving your input as to how we can effectively achieve success in this matter.



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