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Press Secretary

Andrew Frobel is a senior Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Political Science. He has been involved in many activities and organizations that the W. Page. Pitt School of Journalism has to offer. For instance, the Parthenon, WMUL 88.1, MU Report, Up to the Minute, and much more. While writing for the Parthenon and staying busy with studies, Frobel is also the Recruitment Officer and Public Relations Officer in his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega here on campus. He has learned the ins and outs in the public relations aspect in an organization. He has then carried these skills over the Student Government and realizes how important the representation of the student body is from SGA. As SGA Press Secretary, Frobel will be the voice to all media outlets and will be accurate and concise when informing other journalists.  He will have an advantage because his experience gives him insight as to which questions the media will ask.  Frobel says he looks forward to working in Student Government and giving adequate representation to an organization that deserves just that.