We, the Student Senate, proclaim it is our goal to be the unquiet voice of the Marshall University student body. It is our aspiration to act as the students’ liaison with the administrators, faculty, and staff of Marshall University. It will be our duty to delve into the issues affecting the students so we may better serve and protect their rights.

We, the Senate, seek to bind the students of Marshall University together based upon the eternal and immutable truths of representative government. WE will maintain an open exchange of views and ideas to remain a credible source of student information and will be proactive in providing legislation.

By organizing and participating in activities, we hope to establish and maintain tradition and afford the environment for a positive relationship between the Huntington community and the student body. We believe it is of great importance to build community spirit because it creates a sense of ownership for the University and fosters school pride.

We, the senators of the Marshall University Student Government Association, do affirm we are capable leaders of our constituents and will serve with great ambition. Every senator will strive to uphold the tradition of greatness at Marshall University and we will serve the student body to the best of our abilities. To increase the quality of student life, WE ARE the Marshall University Student Senate.



The Student Senate is comprised of students from every college and constituency throughout Marshall University.

The Senators are voted on in the Spring of each academic year. In the mean time between elections, students may apply to fill the open seats (must be a full-time student and at least a second-semester Freshman) at which point their application will be reviewed by the Judiciary Committee.