To our incoming, first semester freshmen, we want to offer you your first foray into the excitement of collegiate-level student government: the Senate Apprentice Program.

The purpose of our Senate Apprentice Program is to develop leadership qualities in our incoming freshmen. Senate Apprentices are an extension of our Student Senate; our Senate Apprentices learn about the qualities required in the premier student voice on campus. Successful completion of the Senate Apprentice Program will endow you with the skills necessary to be the most apt, productive members of our student government.

One of the highlights of our Senate Apprentice Program is our mentorship program. With the mentorship program, each incoming freshman is paired with an experienced Senator. This Senator will introduce his or her Senate Apprentice to parliamentary procedure, legislation-writing, and any other pertinent aspects of our student government.

Upon review of the Judiciary Committee at the end of their tenure as an Apprentice, they will be given preference for full Senate membership in their second semester. This link below describes the rules and regulations concerning our Senate Apprentices.:

Senate Apprenticeship By-Laws

To apply for a Senate Apprenticeship, please fill in the application below. Ethan Higginbotham  will be in contact with you at his earliest convenience.