No applications will be accepted beyond September 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm.

Anyone that is still interested in becoming a senator is encouraged to watch for filing day in the spring and run for office. 

Student Senate Applications
  •   Freshman (1st Semester)
      Freshman (2nd Semester)

Please Note: Any freshmen applying for Senate will automatically be considered for the Senate Apprenticeship Program. For more information, please visit: SGA Senate Apprenticeship Program.

Submission of this form indicates that you agree to give the Judiciary Committee of the Student Senate your permission to verify the above information.

Failure of a newly elected senator to make contact with SGA office within two (2) weeks of his/her election/appointment will deem that election/appointment null and void.

Any other questions or concerns will be handled by Parliamentarian, Cody Hatten.