The Cabell-Huntington Health Department partners with Marshall University to offer free services to full-time students. At the Health Department’s office on 7th Avenue, full-time Marshall students can receive free birth control pills, regular pelvic exams, Plan B emergency contraception, and STI/HIV testing. For free or discounted rates, Marshall students can also receive the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Click here to get more information on these services and click here for the Health Department’s clinic calendar for times and phone numbers.

Marshall University SHEP provides an educational presentation on sexual health. This presentation covers sexually transmitted infections and preventative strategies to use when having sex, abstinence, and contraception options.

Along with the presentations, Marshall University SHEP offers free condoms to students. Condoms can be found in the SHEP office, located on the first floor of the Marshall University Recreation Center. Condoms can also be found at the Women’s Center (Prichard Hall), LGBTO Office (Student Center Basement), and in many of the lobby bathrooms of the Marshall University residence halls.

SHEP celebrates Sexual Responsibility Week. Below are some program pictures from this year’s events.

Condom Durability Toss
FYRH Condom Party – Condom Water Balloon Toss
Condom Blow Up
FYRH Condom Party – Condom Durability Test