Seeking Help

If you are experiencing any personal problems or just need someone to talk to, Marshall University offers counseling and psychological services. You can contact the Counseling Center in Prichard Hall or the Psychology Clinic in Harris Hall. All services are free to full-time Marshall students and are totally confidential.


Mental and social health are just as important as physical health. Marshall University offers numerous opportunities to engage in social activities on campus:

  • The Campus Activities Board (CAB) offers educational and social events for full-time students to participate in. CAB also encourages students to become a member and help plan events. Click here to access their website and get more information.
  • Marshall University has an updated list of all organizations on campus. Click here to access the list and find clubs and organizations that could peak your interest!
  • Marshall University Recreation Center offers classes and intramural sports to members. Click here to look at current offerings
  • The Residence Life Office creates in-hall programming every month for residents. Check with your Resident Advisor or Resident Director for upcoming events.