Though it is not talked about in college settings as much as alcohol use or sexual health, substance abuse still affects a number of college students and young adults in general.


An issue on Marshall’s campus that SHEP takes great strides in educating and preventing students from is marijuana use. A new addition to the SHEP education materials is an online education class,which can be accessed here.

Other Illegal Drugs

Though it is not a major topic of discussion, illegal street drugs are still a reality in West Virginia. Methamphetamine labs and heroin use are two of the more pronounced problems in the state of West Virginian (DEA), with cocaine also being available in many cities in the state.

Prescription Drug Abuse

According to SAMHSA, the state of WV exceeded the national rate in 2005-2006 on self-reported “nonmedical use of pain relievers in the past year” in all age groups, especially 18-25 year olds. It is illegal to take prescription drugs that have been obtained without a written prescription from a doctor. It is also illegal to share your prescribed drugs with others, as it is seen as a controlled substance.