Student Health Education Programs – Spring 2015

All classes will be held in the Wellness Center room 1215 in the Marshall Recreation Center. If you have any questions, please call 304-696-4103.


You must pay your fees for this class prior to attending and bring your receipt to class.

Alcohol Education Classes

 (Beginning January 26th and ending April 28th)

You attend one class at one of the following times: 

Monday at 5:45 pm

Thursday at 11:00 am

Thursday at 3:30 pm


Marijuana Education Classes

(The marijuana education classes are only held on the dates below)

You attend class at one of the following times:

February 17th (Tuesday) at 11:30 am

March 12th (Thursday) at 3:00 pm

April 7th (Tuesday) at 11:00 am

April 20th (Monday) at 5:30 pm


After attending your sanction education class (for either alcohol or marijuana), you must complete the on-line requirement. 

Also, you must meet for a follow-up session.