Reuben Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, October 9, 1873
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                  Gallipolis, O[hio]   Oct. 9th 1873

Mrs. R. Aleshire Esq
                   Beverly O[hio]
                                   Your several letters
received This morning. I wrote you last
Evening. having facilities for reaching
Gallipolis from Parkersburg by Splendid
Steamers. I don't wish to ^be^ understood as
Soliciting patternage for their Steamers.
Should you decide to come by rail by
to Portland and from there in a fine
carriage drawn by a Splendid pair of black
mules over the Jackson county nobs. Through
the beautiful ^village^ of centerville and Shady
bottoms of Raccoon. along the road that
is somewhat hilly. yet smooth. Its moon
light rays would make this a delightful
journey to the City of Gallipolis. When you
will be received with open arms and welcome
greetings by your friends
                                             R. Aleshire



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