Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 13 March 1864
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd14 Item1)
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                                        College Hill
                             March 13th 1864
My Dear Ma and Pa
                  I received your affectionate
letter of March 6th last Wednesday in which
was enclosed $20.00. I payed $100.00
of my tuition will get the bill in the
morning and tell you what it is. I kept
$24.00 for I expected to go to the city
yesterday and get some things but I did
not get to go. I will wait for you
to send me a corset as I think you
would be a better judge than me of what
kind of one to get, As you ^said you^ could send me
a box often I will look for one before long.
     Ned did not say anything about
going to Lexington in my letter I am look
ing for one from him perhaps he will
tell me in it. Birell Hebard did not
come to see us. Vic and Maria Campbell
are very [illegible] with me and I like

[written in top margin]
How long before
some of you
are coming
down to see
me? I have
been reading
a book today
that makes me
dreadful home
sick. but I will
be over it when
my story is
done. I am
going to write to
Charley now tell
Jim if I don't
send him a
letter in this
I will send him
one before long-
tell Rube to ans
my letter soon
also yourself
do the same

[written upside down below top margin]
I can't send my school
bill in this but will in
the next write-soon
what is the matter with Dr.

[written in right margin]
Tell Joe to write. Kiss R[?] for me

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