Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 20 March 1864
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                                            Ohio Female College
                                  College Hill March 20th 1864.

  Mr. & Mrs. R. Aleshire
         Gallipolis, Ohio
              My Dear Parents.
                       This week has passed without me receiving a
letter from you but I will try to write one to you be it short or
long. I received a letter from Reub Friday. In the afternoon
Johnnie Newsome and Ross Stewart came out to see us. but they
were like all the rest, we could not get them to go to supper
We went to the city yesterday saw Olive Langley and Mrs
Richardson on the street Olive was in from school shopping
I took my "songs" in to have them bound and bought some new
pieces. The binding and all came to four dollars ($4.50) and
fifty cents. I got me some linen cuffs and shors one pair
is too large thought I would keep them till you come and
see if they would not fit you they are [illegible] the kind you
like so well. In the afternoon Johnnie & Ross took us to the
Opera. and then we came back. and found one of our
dear schoolmates "dead" Sue Carson she was at Oxford
last term one week ago yesterday she was going round

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