Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 13 November 1863
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                                    O.F. College Nov. 13th 1863
Mrs. Margaret Aleshire
            Gallipolis, Ohio
             My Dear Ma.
I received the note enclosed in Charoltte's letter
I did think you would have an opportunity of sending me
something by Mrs Lecerque. but I will expect something in
the box when it comes. I received my sacks last Saturday
am very well pleased with both of them think the mode one
is rather the prettiest don't you? I don't think you could have
suited me better. I think they are as pretty as if not prettier
without bows than with them. The girls like them very
much indeed. Mrs. Lecerque and Jimmie arrived here
last Thursday evening during study hour. I was practicing
when they came. the other girls were in the chapel
where we sit at night to study. Maria came running up
in my practice room to tell me. and I told her she
must not think she could fool me that way and
she told me it was so. and I got up and start-
ed off without shirting my piano but had to wait
long enough for that or Prof would have been after
me. So finily we got started I ran in study to
get my books. looked round for the teacher to ask if I
could be excused but did not see her so I started in
a run and never stopped till I reached the Recep-
tion room and there I kissed Jim But I was so

[Written vertically in right and top margins, a continuation of a postscript from Page 4]
that is too tight across the breast and shoulders and I can hardly breathe
with it on I am getting so fat. Rome cannot fasten one of her
dresses (that was a lit
tle tight for her at home)
by two inches. Mrs
Lecerque said she never
saw me look so well
in her life. When she
comes home she will
tell you all about
how I look. Could you
get the tar out of
any red French marino?
I guess you will know
what to send me
without my telling
you only I thought
I would like to have
what I mentioned
and thought perhaps
you would not think
of it. This may be
too late for you since
there but if so it is
no difference I am
going to write to
Aunt Jule this
afternoon.      Mary

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