Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 17 May 1865
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd16 Item3)
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                                 Ohio Female College
                       College Hill May 17th /65
My Dear Ma
                   Your welcome and anxiously looked
for letter (of the 14th) was received a few moments
ago. For a whole week we did not get any
letters from home and I began to be very
anxious to here there from. I wrote to
Pa and you on Sunday last. and will
not write a very long letter this evening. for
two reasons one is that there is not much
to write about and another is that I will
not have the time. as one of the girls came to
see me this afternoon ( which by the way is
no rarity) and kept me from writing. but
it has been raining today and I will not
have to go out in the yard to exercise on ac-
count of the dampnss dampness and will
occupy the hour generally spent in that way

[Written vertically in the top margin]
P.S. No 1 is the
longest string. No 2
next and so on
No 1 is the skirt
behind No 2 the
same before have
a good hem in
all around so I can
let it down if
I should ever
want to No 3
around the waist
allowing for ma-
king and length
of sleeve not sl-
lowing for ma-
king so you must
No 4 the length
of waist allow-
ing for making
and also the
neck. you better
allow a little in
the last. you
know I like full
skirts I wish
I had my white
waists all here
can't you send them
the next trip of the Ohio

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