Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 27 September 18__
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd16 Item8)
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                   O.F.C. Sunday Sept 27th

My Darling Ma.
                            I received your long and
very interesting letter last week and the
same day I got one from Mary
Merrager. she writes to me very regular
and is the only one of the girls excep-
ting Jule Naret that writes to me.
I wrote to Pa Friday and sent two
Photographs one for yourself and Pa
and one for Grand Ma. How do
you like them do you think they are
good? and must I have more of
them printed? Darby had four one
for Charley and Maria Merrager
begged me so for the other one I had
to give it to her. I have not had
a letter from any of the folks at
Grand Ma's but Rube Vance he wrote

[Written vertically in top margin, continuation from Page 4]
read the service she makes an excellent prayer. she
put me in
mind of my
dear old teacher
(Mrs Lears) I
wish the next
time you see
Mrs Flora Lecer-
que you would
get her to write
Mrs Lears direction
on a piece of pa
per and send it
to me      Mary



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