Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brother, 1 January 1868
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd17 Item4)
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                New Years Day 1868
     My Dear Brother
                      Think I must
drop you a line in reference
to the startling event of the last
evening- Bob Farr and Laura
Connely were married at eight
o'clock. He is going to Pittsburg
in aday or two to get fixed
and is coming for her in
three or four weeks. Every one
thinks it is a strange arrangement
They think he ought to have
come and fixed for her and
then come and married her
seems to be the general opinion
It looks to me like she was
afraid to let him go for fear
he would not come after her
Dudley is married for sure.
will be up tomorrow evening. on
the Fleetwood Dud always
seemed so kind o'funny I never
thought he would marry Miss
Wynn_ The two weddings are




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