Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brothers, 27 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item3)
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                Gallipolis Ohio
                   Oct 27th 1867
My Dear Brothers
                       Again I seat
myself for the pleasant task, of
answering a very interesting
letter from you. which was
received lats Friday.
I am glad my letter proved
interesting. and will send
you as many such as the
news of our city affords me
means for writing
      We have been having
delightful weather for some
time. Some think we are
having our Indian Summer
which others think it is
too early for that This morn-
ing it looked cloudy as
it did yesterday and day
before. we were in hopes
it would rain. but the sun

[Written in Margin]
Enclosed you will find a letter from
Harrie he says he knows you can read it.
[The enclosed letter is illegible scribbling]


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