Mary Aleshire to an Unidentified Brother, 6 September 1863
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item1)
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                     O F College
                             Sept 6th 1863

Dear Brother
             I suppose you will expect
me to write to you first so I will take
the opportunity of doing so today.
We have had no rules given us
yet. or I suppose I would have to
postpone writing to you until to-
morrow as to day is Sunday. and
Rome says they will not allow
us to write on Sunday here after.
I suppose you read Ma's letter,
and saw what I want. You
know those books and I wish you
would see to sending them.

[Written vertically, continued from Page 4]
ing up and then we have a kind of help under our looking glass
and over it we have a napkin which the glass holds on there we
have my Cologne bottle on one
end and Beck's on the other
with Beck's nice pin cushion
in the center there on the
table ew have my two baskets &
B's one with my work box and album
and our bibles and hymnbooks Then
on our wash stand we have two soap
dishes of soap. the dishes we captured. a
mug which we got in the same way
and a hair brush and combs. and
white wash bowl and a pitcher and
when we get our carpet our room
will look quite fancy. Don't you think
so? I forgot to mention our close [?]
the top of which is covered with band-
boxes and various things I must
close now give my kindest regards
to all the boys and love to all the
girls Your Affect sister Mary

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