Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 24 Oct. 1867
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                  Gallipolis, O., Oct 24 1867
J. P. Aleshire
                  Sir. Y[our]s of 19th inst received
We have no signs of a rise yet. are reci-
eving orders every day for X Flour but none
on hands. 1200 bags of your wheat arrived
in cincinnati up to 21st inst which was stored
in depot at 3 cts per sack except 2 or 3 car
loads which went into another depot and cost
1 1/2 cents for sack more-- No drayage on any--
enclosed in hand your sack and cash
account to date allowing sacks to aver-
-age 2 1/3 Bu you will not have bags
enough for your money by at least 200
cannot send any more bags till after we rec-
-ieve some from Cincinnati by borrowing some
money might send you some immediately. Think
we will do so Will have about 1500 Bu wheat
to pay for next week. The writer has been
unable to attend to business for the past
week but will try and look round
tomorrow- We think now the time to buy on
22 inst Chicago # 186 - 187 which is 2 to 4 cents lower
than when you wrote you was then paying 1.68 or think you
are down to 160 or 65 which would do       R. Aleshire &Co



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