Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 26 Oct 1867
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                                    Gallipolis, O., Oct 26 1867
J. P. Aleshire
                          Sir. Yours of 22nd inst. is
received. At the present writing there is no sings [signs]
of rain. We to day sent 400 bags to P. Long
which will be returned Some time next week-
out of which we will select 200 or more and
express same to you- which we think will be
all that we will be able to send to you.
Therefore buy no more than what will fill
this lot of bags. Then on your way home
you had better stop over one day in Chicago &
ascertain the expenses of buying- putting in bags &c
the whole expenses loaded in car is what we
wish to know- In Chicago we would buy through
P.S. Sinkey The writer is still inclined to think
that at some Station (Elevator or Warehouse) on the
Illinois Central or O.N. R. Road would be a better
point to buy wheat than Winona competition is
to great at W. In buying at an inland Town or
Station we would get it for a trifle less. Think
at least the difference of freight to Chicago or St.
Louis & commission. We will write P. S. Sinkey & Co for
rates of buying sacking &c
No X or XX Flour left.                     R. Aleshire & Co

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