Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 2 October 1867
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                      Gallipolis O. , Octr 2 1867
Jo. P Aleshire
                   Dear Sir
                             We wrote you at some
length yesterday-therefore have nothing new
to advance to day- We received today tele-
gram from Jno N Thomas & Co. Cincinnati
saying how Red wheat held firmly at $2.55
and receipts light. don't know the causes
of this sudden advance if a corresponding
advance has taken place in Chicago & New
York of course prices will advance in
Winona It seems to us now that it
don't matter but better what we pay
for wheat as the markets all indicate
an advancing tendency and the purch
ases of to day though seemingly high. May
be low tomorrow- Therefore Should you
leave Winona. While you are preparing
to leave prices may advance so that a
loss might be the result It is a diffi-
cult matter for us to write you advising
what to do or when to buy- Exercise your
own judgment Read. Keep positive and act.
                                        R. Aleshire & Co



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