Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 30 October 1867
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7200   [in pencil]
12       [in pencil] 
8700   [in pencil] 

                              Gallipolis, O., Oct 30 1867
J. P. Aleshire Esq.
                                    Sir. Yours of 25th inst
recieved this morning. also your telegram of
to days date Viz. Shipped thirty sixth (36th)
hundred sacks Eighty Seven Hundred (8700)
on hand three thousand (3000) Bushels
wheat one seventy 170= we have given you
the prices words and figures of the telegram
the writer dont think 3600 sacks will hold
8700 bu. Your shipment on 5th inst. 600 sacks
                              and "   9     "     900    "
                                    " 30      "   3600    "
            Total number sacks shipped 5100  "
Pervious to the 22nd inst. we had sent you 3950
The ^shipment^ of 22nd you have not recieved yet
Therefore the telegram carrier to hand wrong
which we look upon ^as^ worthless. however your
letter of this date will explain all. and in time.
will be governed by your letters hereafter in regard
to the number of sacks you may want us to send
you. but unless otherwise instructed will send so as to
make even car loads of 150 which seems to be a
car load- the writer is somewhat discouraged
in regard to a rise. River has risen only about.

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