Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 3 October 1867
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                         Gallipolis, O., Oct 3 1867
Jo. P. Aleshire
                       D[ea]r Sir
                                        We sent you to
day the following telegram. Red Cincinnati
$2.55. heavy Rains Ship wheat. It rained
some last night and this afternoon it has
fairly poured down. Must have quite a
rise in the river. Since telegraphing we
received our dispatch from Cincinnati Saying
Red Wheat held at $2.60 and 10 to 15 higher
in New York. We will gather up some
Sacks and ^send^ some to you in a day or two-
hope you have bought 2 or 3000 Bu Wheat
before the rise. Yours of 28th letters received
this morning- don't know what advise to
give now in regard to buying wheat-
it might prove to be the best to buy Every
day with the market. Yet we think that adv-
vance too great or sudden. and that a reaction
will take place. We have on hand 269 brls A
319Andrews 20lbs XXX . 130 XX. 65 X. 458 corn
and 120 Gulf total 1567 Barrels. and about
500 Bin wheat. little or no wheat coming in-
have advanced flour $1.25 per barrel.
                                           R. Aleshire & Co



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