Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 5 November 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd2 Item13)
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                                    Gallipolis, O., Nov. 5 1867

J.P. Aleshire Esq.
                                         Sir. Yours of 31st written
recieved. We wrote you yesterday- Enclosed
we hand you duplicate BfL for 350 sacks
1/2 past five this evening the rock shaft
broke mill stopped suddenly- the machine
shop is now at work turning up a shaft
that we had on hands. Will be going early
tomorrow- We are dissatisfied with our scales
at wheat window Therefore want you to buy
a pair of Fair Banks drop lever to set in floor
in place of old Scales. We have Fairbanks card
before us. and have selected No 4 capacity 3.5000#
Platform 41+43 in. Platform of our old as
reorganized is 34+44 in. They were a hop[p]er
scale- the writer bot them of Mr. Trabor&
Aubor agents in 1860. we now want to turn
the old scale in making payment for new-
at what [it] is worth= Mrss Trabor & Aubry ar[e] State
the agents in Cinc as we have 5 pair Fairbanks
scales in mill- tha[t] should allow us a liberal
price for the old ones.
                                          R. Aleshire & Co




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