Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 6 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd2 Item3)
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                                   Gallipolis O., Oct 6 1867
Jo P. Aleshire Esq.
                               Sir your favors 1st and 2nd inst
dispatched this morning. We sent you the following
No rise River hold wheat. We had a heavy
rain on Thursday afternoon also on Friday night.
and at present the river is lower than before other
rains. Your purchases so far about 1450 br
will stand us in Cincinnati 2.08 on Ten-
no 1 Spring in cincinnati on Saturday would have
brought $2.25 but none there. We hardly know
what tp ask for flour x x x bring about all
the grade we have. Will not sell for less than 12.50
perhaps more. Would like to have some # 2 Spring
out of which to make x flour. The difference between
#1 and 2 in Chicago is about six cents per bu[shel]-
what is the difference in Winona. On what terms
will the Banks take your bills on us. Will send
your $200000 on New York in a day or two-
Business dull with us. as you will see by the
enclosed abstract- Kate Trustow Sister of Mrs.
Doc Cromley died of yellow fever in New Orleans
on 3rd inst Old Mrs Fairchild died this morning-
The Langley & Parry case set for hearing on 28th



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