Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 7 October 1867
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                                  Gallipolis O., Oct 7 1867

  Jo. P. Aleshire Esq.
                                 We have nothing news
to communicate since our last which was
yesterday- We will send you check tomorrow
$2000 on New York- The Langley & Perry
case has been continued to Nov 19th at which
time the U S. jury will met in Cincinnati-
Mr. L[angley] his case investigator before and
by a jury, which he has the right to do
Langley's have discharged all their men- inclu-
ding Richey Lawson & Silfrager- the latter has
been to see us several times lately. The
have quit business entirely- Henry L.
has gone into Bankruptcy. but wants to
dictate his own terms of settlement. and
that without being put under oath-
In a short conversation with Mr. Hutsonpiller
he gave me to understand that the Langleys
would not buy the mill- They are literally
used up and wont pay ten cents on the dol-
lar                                      R. Alershire




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