Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 15 January 1868
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              Gallipolis, O. January 15th 1868

Dear Brother
                  I wrote you a small letter on
Sunday but as it was short and not very
sweet I thought best to write again.
Ronnie Miller will have a couple visitors
next week and of course we will have a
Dance. You are acquainted with the ladies
coming to visit Ronnie. they are Miss Julice
Torreks and Miss Harveston. so we will have
a gay week. I have company for the Dance
providing Dr. De Hase will remain in our
city that long Jim Le.De Clercy and Jno
DEMaxon have the misses DeHass for this evening
We have one day of splendid skating all the
young people of the city were out
We got our ice house filled today and it is
all very good and clean Ice
Ned's boy is two months old today and weighs
sixteen (16) pounds (Gross)
       Jim Benjamin is in our city and has been
for the past two weeks.
We expect to have the Black brooks here

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